20 Questions Tuesday: 103 - People/Crowds/Mobs/Throngs

Well, it turns out that on Sunday’s trip to the zoo I remembered another thing about myself that I have been carefully keeping from the surface for years. I hate people. Sweet Jesus Almighty I hate people. Always watching me… judging me… uh, where was I, Oh yes, I hate people. I especially hate people in crowds. Therefore today’s 20 Questions Tuesday will be about People/Crowds/Mobs/Throngs.

Thanks this week go to Lsig, John P., Lord Pithy, Capt McArmypants, and JA Coppinger.

On to the questions:

1. Three's not really a crowd, is it? I mean, it's three people for crying out loud.
Three is not a crowd. Three is an unfortunate circumstance when 2 of the 3 are dating.

2. More obnoxious mob behavior: pitchfork wielding, or the wave?
Well, in terms of frequency? The wave. I am trying to watch a game here, you drunken yokels
In terms of ferocity? Pitchforks, hands down

3. What is the relationship between a mob and The Mob?

4. Why the hate? It is time to let the healing begin.
I hate so that I know I am alive. That burning fire in my gut is what keeps me focused.

5. Do you hate all people in general or just stupid people or people who do or say stupid things?
These are not mutually exclusive categories.

6. Will this hate of people in large numbers bode poorly for us when you ascend to dictatorial power?
You have no idea.

7. Any particular grouping of people you hate more than others? Grocery store people, movie theater people, work people, concert people…
I really hate the groups of people directly affecting me at any particular time. For example, I have been to the movies once in the past 2 years or so, movie theater people are not receiving much in the way of SRHate, but those fuckers in the grocery store parking lot can go straight to hell!

8. After writing people and looking at it so many times it just strikes me as an odd work P-E-O-P-L-E. Why is this? Am I losing it?
It is an odd word. I cannot think of another word that has the “eo” vowel diphthong going on. But I also want to clarify that the weirdness of the word “people” does not indicate that you are not, in fact, “Losing it.”

9. Why are you so hateful of anyone who is even a little different from you?
Their differences scare me and homogeneity is what I crave not only in my milk products but in the entirety of my surroundings. I long for the wonderful sameness that is found in over milled blandness that is white bread. My consciousness reels at the mere thought of differentness. I wish to be a penguin amid a sea of penguins.

10. Don't you find it true that people should celebrate their differences and revel in the things that set them apart from the "norm"?
I find that what people should do and what they actually do is far separated by a culture that is built on the idea that there is comfort in conformity.

11. Aside from a total intolerance for any deviation from the Rodenberryan Physical Ideal, what other prejudices do you harbor?
Mouth breathers…. And other people who can’t close their damn mouth. I hate them…

12. So Russia invades Georgia and our big news for that day was that John Edwards has a love child. In order of jerkiness, please rate America's Apathetic and Short-Sighted General Public, Russia, Georgia, John Edwards, his lovechild.
From a scale of non-jerk to maximal jerkitude I would go with
John Edwards’ potential love child
John Edwards
The Republic of Georgia
The Russian Federation
The State of Georgia
America’s Apathetic and Short-Sighted General Public

13. Which is more indicative of the end of civilization: No one waives when you let them over, no one puts up their shopping cart, how trashed moist public bathrooms are?
Did you mean to type “moist” or “most.” If you meant “moist” I think you are going to the wrong bathrooms in general, but to answer your question, I think the lazy bastards that don’t put the shopping cart away are indicative of the end of civilization. I reason it this way. They are both breaching a social contract that one enters into when one uses a grocery store parking lot, and they are actively being inactive thus adding to the societal strain caused by poor health and obesity. That and they are FUCKING MOUTH BREATHERS! SHUT YOUR DAMN PIE HOLE AND BREATH THROUGH YOUR NOSE LIKE GOD ALMIGHTY INTENDED!

14. So is McCain's Obama ad likening him to Brittney Spears really a criticism of Obama or a brilliant (albeit unintentional) criticism of America?
Sadly it is clearly one of the most brilliant un-intentional criticisms of America I have ever seen. I especially love the fact that the Hiltons contributed to the McCain campaign and he makes fun of their daughter. Now, that’s hot!

15. Lately (last 30 years or so) I have noticed that people (Senators, Mayors, Presidents, Democratic Party Leaders, Republican Party Leaders, Minority Activists, Majority Activists, PETA, Greenpeace, the Moral Majority, Evangelists, TV personalities, Union Representatives, CEO's, etc.) regularly and repeatedly say they stand for one thing and then do something contra-indicative to their alleged beliefs? Why do I feel so very alone, when I observe this? I feel like fricken' Roddy Piper in "They Live!" (and if you are reading this and saying to yourself, "Yeh! those damn Republicans!" or "Damn Union!!" You maybe missing what I am going for here, but fully support your wish to damn them both.) Don't get me wrong I realize that everybody could be characterized in such a light. However, with cheating spouses or lying teenage kids there are clearly other factors involved. So my question is: What am I missing? Is this just a matter of "magic" sunglasses? or is there some social contract that I am just not hardwired to receive?
I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum. Hee hee I love that movie. What was the question again? People hate the weaknesses in themselves the most.

16. What makes crowds stupider than individuals?

17. Why do people lose all common courtesy when gathered in large numbers?
The “not it” principle as far as responsibility, and the “shit, there sure are a lot of us, I had better look out for myself” principle as far as grabbiness and impatience.

18. What’s the head-count where you start to hate “people” as a group?
Well, I have enough ability to hate people without anyone’s help, but I imagine that if I needed to group up it would need to be me and 3 of my friends hating as a group. That way we could also tackle some instances and kill us some orcs. Orcs, they need to be dying.

19. Do large groups of children get on your nerves or is it strictly adults?
Small groups of children can get on my nerves. They just know how to ramp up the noise better than adults.

20. How do you handle the crowd rage – stay quiet and spout later, or lose it on all of them?
Stay quiet and spout it later. Much later, in a public forum like a post on a blog.

To Recap:
I need some sleep
Q is enamored of Little Man
She just stares at him in the mornings and smiles and smiles
She reaches out to get his attention
It is really special to watch
And Little Man loves him some O--lympics
He would stay up and watch it all night if we would let him
He would also stay up and watch paint dry if that meant he didn’t have to go to sleep
Not a big fan of the falling to sleep
Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
Listening to Reset by Mute Math
More bands should do instrumentals
And covers… more bands should definitely do covers
I love covers
Typically more than I like the original
Yet, I don’t really like cover bands
Go figure