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I think I might be too tired to come up with a post today. I have started a couple of idea threads only to watch them slowly dissolve into incoherent babble.

  1. I started a geo-political post about the Georgia/Russia conflict in South Essetia… that one fell apart due to lack of knowledge and a certain level of apathy towards major land conflicts in Eurasia.
  2. I started a post about the differences between Q and Little Man, but it came off sounding like I was comparing one to the other unfavorably, when, in fact, it was meant merely to illustrate the inherent differences between the 2 kids. They are different kids, thus giving credence to the nature side of the nature/nurture argument.
  3. I started a post about the annoying clicka clicka… clicka associated with someone unable to touch type (namely me). I was going to deftly bang out an op-ed piece about my odd ability to hunt, peck and curse, but I realized that it would take a better typing ability than I seem to possess.
  4. I started a post about the Olympics and how Wifey and I are sitting up way too late at night watching athletes push themselves past their levels of endurance, but I got tired of the idea half way through.
  5. I started a post about how this milder weather seems to have activated some allergies that have up till now remained dormant for the year. Booring
  6. I started a post detailing the trials and tribulations of re-awakening old skills and de-rusting rusty skills, but it felt too self-congratulatory and too self absorbed for my liking so I scrapped it as well.
  7. I started a post about my lack of sleep, but it seemed a bit whiney.
  8. I started w a post about how tired I was, but again, it seemd to travel very quickly into the whiney category.
  9. I thought about writing a post about how itchy my head is, but… ewww.

Each of these posts started out with a mediocre to strong intro paragraph and then died off very quickly without adequate support. I guess I will metapost then.

To recap:
Man, am I tired
Not sure what is on tap for Digital Thursday tomorrow
I might make it a blog holiday
Cause I am lazy
I will try to finish distressing Doom’s armor
I am distressing
Listening to Still Take you Home by the Arctic Monkeys