20 Questions Tuesday: 104 - Two Years of This Crap?!?

So it is 20 Questions Tuesday: 104 which means that this post content crutch that I cling to for dear life has been going on for at least 2 years. In honor of my recent inability to create meaningful and/or entertaining content (this supposes that at some point I did have meaningful and/or entertaining content or it means that you are defining “recent” as within the last 4 years. Both suppositions are acceptable.) I have chosen to not have a topic associated with this 20 Questions and instead rely upon my fine readership’s ability to generate random questions.

Thanks this week go to Belsum, Lord Pithy, JA Coppinger, Amy, and Allrileyedup. On to the questions!

1. Do you suffer from enochlophobia? Or are you just a garden variety misanthropist?
Garden variety Misanthrope.

2. What is your least favorite way to experience a crowd of people?
Amid said crowd. Lording over a crowd of people doesn't seem so bad.

3. “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” Words of wisdom or trite screenplay dialogue?
I believe both. It is very true and yet from Men in Black.

4. How many is too many?
Depends on the space

5. What if you know everyone? Does that help?
Sometimes that only makes it worse…

6. Could tetherball be a contender as an Olympic sport if it were played with a wrecking ball?
Certainly, but I don’t even think changing the ball would be necessary. Really? If table tennis is an Olympic sport then tetherball definitely could be. Not knocking table tennis players as much as lifting up tetherballers.

7. How would you update Candyland to make it more relevant to today's youth?
It would be called Microwaveland and the food places would be cheap microwave food instead of candy places. The Gumdrop Mountains would become the Burrito Canyon and the Peanut Brittle House would become the Hot Pocket Hut.

8. Purple or orange?

9. If a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man, what color is your parachute?
I was not aware that I needed a parachute… not when I am holding these pictures of my boss…

10. I'm going to California, how does that increase the odds of the "big one" happening? ("Big one" as in earthquake you sick bast@rd.)
Touchy touchy. Rest assured though, it does not increase the odds... much.

11. What’s more annoying: people who start every sentence with “Ummm . . .” or people who say, like, the word “like” in like every sentence they like speak.
The combination of the two is really where the test of patience comes in. I think I prefer “ummm” to “like.” With “ummm” the person is likely searching for words, while with “like” the person is relaying a story that never happened.

12. Super Hero, Wizard, Healer, or Psychic. Pick one & explain why.
SuperHero because you did not define what the power was. I feel it gives me more leeway in my character generation. I could be a Super Hero Wizard, a Super Hero Healer, or a Super Hero Psychic.

13. Celestial body you would like to vacation on if it were possible?
I am a simple man of simple pleasures, I think I would merely like to go to the Moon.

14. Abbot & Costello or the Marx Brothers?
Abbot & Costello, less preachy.

15. Is breakfast really an important part of the day? What would be the best breakfast ever? If money and time were endless, what would you pick as your breakfast?
Breakfast is really important for maintaining a healthy metabolism… I should pay more attention to what I just wrote. I love French Toast and really could have that for breakfast at any time. Lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar with maple syrup (the super de-dooper-dee buttery kind that is amazingly fake). Great, now I am hungry.

16. What are the first 5 songs on your iPod if you put it on random? Are there any songs on the 'pod that you're tired of listening to, but are too tired to remove? What are they?
Snap by the Power
Opera Singer by Cake
Insane in the Brain by Cypress Hill
Don’t You Evah by Spoon
Velvet by the Toadies

The thing about the songs on my iPod is that there are some days I don’t want to listen to some of them and other days that I really do. It might be time to switch things up a bit though.

17. Who invented the paper clip?
Johan Vaaler, why?

18. Why can't over the counter prescription drugs live up to their promises?
Because for them to be sold OTC they have to be toned down from their prescription strength counterparts, otherwise people would continually OD without realizing it.

19. How do you think dinosaurs became extinct?
They didn’t become extinct… they left

20. What are your top three favorite science fiction movies?
Tron, Star Wars (The OT), and Blade Runner

To recap:
Stoopid Olympics are getting in the way of sleep
Little Man is really into trying new foods at the moment
Like, crazy into it
Tried bringing my lunch to work today
That didn’t work out so well
You see it had been frozen a looooong time
It did not respond to the thawing process well
It looks like Q is allergic to soy as well as not responding well to dairy…
And so it begins
Listening to Satan is my Motor by Cake