The Visitor

This morning as I was taking Little Man his breakfast of champions (Cap’n Crunch with sliced bananas) my cell phone did something odd… it rang. “Who would possibly me at 8:30 in the morning?” I asked myself. I then admonished myself for not just waiting a second and looking at the phone’s caller ID. I am so impatient sometimes. I pick up the phone which, in truth, was not actually ringing, it was doing its weird arcade machine kind of noise. Well, I looked at the phone and saw that it was none other than Capt. McArmypants calling me before I started my day.

To cut to the chase, McArmypants is visiting this weekend. I am sooo excited. Now while I am up stoopid late at night being sleep deprived, I will have company. That’s how it works, isn’t it? Long awaited return of friend = stoopid late nights and simultaneous candle end burning, yes?

Anyhoo…this will be the inaugural meeting between Q and McArmypants. I already know who is going to win this encounter and she is only 9 pounds and some change. I would even give her best 2 falls out of three. It is going to be absolutely wonderful watching this confident man melt before the fire that is Q. The rough PTSD exterior will be flayed from him like something that flays things really well… you know a flayer-thingy. All that will be left is an even rougher emotional interior weeping at the beauty and awe inspiration that we know as Q.

The same thing happened when McArmypants met Little Man. McArmypants was able to build up his shell in time to be deployed in a combat zone. Way to go Capt. I hope this time the shell is a nice candy coating.

To recap:
This melting of rough exterior of course relies upon Q willing to be not held by Wifey
I will post right before going home
I need to go home
I am tired
The US plays Guatemala tonight in a World Cup Qualifier
The US should win, but winning in Guatemala is not as easy as one might think
I need to buy some more Cinnamon Chip bread from Great Harvest
Wifey likes it for breakfast
Little Man likes it for any time ever
Mmmmm bread
Listening to Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys