This weekend Wifey and I celebrated 11 years of wedded bliss. Bliss, DAMNIT! BLISS! So, in honor of those 11+ years now I give you 11 facts about our marriage in no particular order.

1. We do not have a “side” of the bed. We switch sides regularly or we fight over the middle and make the other sleep somewhere else. It is good that I am bigger than her. It is bad that I sleep more soundly.

2. Both of us regularly cook meals for the fam. It is not only one person’s chore.

3. She fills the dishwasher and I empty it. She hates putting dishes away while I hate filling the dishwasher. It is a yin to yang thing. We complete each other.

4. We both strongly feel that committed relationships are serious work.

5. Both of us have a disdain for most things reality T.V. I shall not mention the guilty pleasures in the realm of reality TV. We need to keep some level of Internet respect here.

6. We are both totally and completely who we are in the marriage. No apologies given and none are expected.

7. She is both hotter and smarter than me. But I am white and a man, so I guess it evens out there.

8. Over time she has migrated from being a night owl to being a morning person. I blame the kids…. Darn kids.

9. We love traveling with each other. But rarely make the effort to have it happen.

10. My love of bacon is
only equaled by her distrust (yes, distrust. She is quirky. That is why I like her) of the breakfast meat. Together we are a circle without beginning or end.

11. One of our favorite pastimes is good-natured making fun of each other. It is good-natured, right?

To recap:
Wedded Bliss! DAMNIT! BLISS!!!
Not sure what we are having for dinner tonight
Found a recipe for dairy-free/soy-free margarine
Flieschmann’s Light Unsalted is no longer dairy AND soy-free
The recipe involves palm oil shortening, xanthum gum, yellow food coloring, and love
Listening to One Way or Another by Blondie