20 Questions Tuesday: 107 - Exercise & Aging: Oil & Water

So this weekend I did something I have not done in over 5 years… maybe even 6 years… they just start smooshing together after a while. One year blurs into two, then all of the sudden, there you are with a fragmented memory… Where was I? Oh yes, nigh on 6 years ago I went for a run. Yep, I went for a run on Saturday. It was not pretty, but it did lead me to the idea for this 20 Questions Tuesday topic.

This was the first run ever where my cardiovascular system decided to throw in the towel before my decrepit physical condition. So in “honor” of that event today’s 20 questions is on Exercise & Aging: Oil &Water.

Thanks this week go to Lsig, ACW, Capt McArmypants, and JA Coppinger.

On to the questions:
1. Do you listen to music when you exercise?
If I go to a gym, most definitely. I am not terribly keen on music whilst running outside. I have tried it a few times, but I think I would rather be able to hear what’s going on around me… That is, of course, until I can exercise outside for more than a painful 30 minutes of wheezing, hacking, and cursing.

2. Do you prefer to exercise indoors or outdoors?
If it is an activity, outdoors, but if it is “merely” exercise, I think indoors.

3. When were you in the best shape?
Senior year in college. I was fencing competitively at the time which meant practice at least 4 times a week and I was lifting with some guys 2 or 3 times a week.

4. What is your fitness goal now?
Complete a triathalon… Not sure when I will actually set that goal as a firm date as of yet. It is a bear trying to balance a life that is out of balance already. The new baby and the 5 year old demand a bunch of attention. Plus when I am not paying them attention I need to find some time to share with my spouse. Once in a while I also need to throw a bone to my oft neglected friends as well. On top of all that I have work too.

5. Do you prefer to work out singly, with a partner, or in a group?
I prefer not to work out, so whether I exercise in a group or singly is immaterial. That being said, different work outs seem to fit best with different amounts of people. Cardio is something I want to do on my own with no one able to watch how pitiful it is. Strength training, I feel is done best with a small group of 3 or 4.

6. Why exercise? - We’re all gonna die anyway
Well, it is about quality of life at the moment. I would like to be able to do some of the more active activities with my children as they grow. Plus I seem to be falling apart, and the only way to not fall apart is to do this physical preventative maintenance.

7. Did you at least make it to the end of the block?
I ran 1 mile at a pretty good pace (for starting out) and walked 1 mile like a weak mewling asthmatic kitten praying for breath.

8. Doesn’t aging suck?!
Boy howdy! It sucks real bad.

9. Ever been to a reunion and noticed how everyone else aged (but not you)?
I don’t go to re-unions. The people I keep in contact with are the ones I want to keep up with. Anyone else would fall into the category of idyll curiosity.

10. Better with age? - Thoughts
Depends on what you are talking about. Scotch? Yes. Hard cheeses? So I have heard. Wisdom? Definitely. Knees? Nope

11. Why does Global Warming nonsense get so much media play when clearly gravity has been increasing ever year for the last 15 years!!!! I mean focus here people!!!
I think that gravity may not be increasing…. I think your density is increasing like a superpower.

12. Do you find it harder to judge athletes for taking HGH now?
Sadly, yes.

13. How much solace to you take in the fact that you are still healthier than half the high school age children in America today? (As you steal a Wal-Mart scooter to get from the parking lot to your office tomorrow will it help that at least you can remember a time when you were in good shape? or will it only make it worse?)
I take no solace in that. As to the parenthetical question: All the Wal-Mart Rascals were in use and there was a line. I had to drive to work and walk up to the door like a chump, and in some ways having been in shape at least once in my life makes this worse because now I know how far I have fallen.

13(b). How much better is this latest James Bond movie going to have to be than all the other James Bond movies to overcome the title: "Quantum of Solace" (Please do not reference how bad the title "Octopussy" is because let us not forget it was also a terrible movie.)
I think it might actually be up to the task. Daniel Craig is a bad-ass bond. The ones that it will have to beat are Casino Royale, Dr. No, Never Say Never Again, and maybe Moonraker. Although Golden Eye was pretty good too.

14. Do you have lists of exercises that you can still do physically, but no longer do because it hurts too much the next day.
I keep no such list.

15. Can you still do that thing where you walk down stairs while simultaneously turning in a circle? Cuz as long as you can do that you are not out of shape.
I am woefully out of shape then. I have a hard time turning in a circle or going down stairs.

16. When you move past the aches/lack of oxygen do you actually like running, or is it just an “I gotta do it” thing?
I fucking hate running. I hate it with the heat of a thousand suns. I loathe it with a cool fury the like of which has never been seen. My hate for running is worse than the black bilious ichor that resides within the darkest reaches of the worst of mens’ souls.

17. Which part of the body hates exercise the most in your advanced years?
At the moment, my lungs, but my feet are not far behind in that race. I swear I have the arches of an 88 year old.

18. Morning or evening workouts – and how does your ancient self looks while exercising affect the choice?
My body prefers evening workouts, but that is family time at the moment. As soon as Q is a bit more self sufficient, I might be able to get a routine going in the evenings. I lookj rather silly in my exercising duds. That is all you need to know.

19. Are you an iPod kinda guy when working out?
I am trying that out as far as the road running, but most definitely if I am in the gym. Sometimes I put the earbuds in just so people won’t talk to me.

20. Why the break from the long hiatus?
It is time.

To recap:
I am having a Papa Day at home today
Little Man starts his pre-school again today
Then he goes to an allergist appointment
Hopefully he will test out of dairy and egg today
It has been rough allergen –wise for the SRH household this week
Little Man has been Zyrtec-less for the past 5 days to “cleanse” his system before being tested
Went to the allergist this morning for Little Man, it went well
Sorry for the late post, but I was away from computers all day