Digital Thursday

Well, I decided to take off most the identifying markers from this graphic and posting it up as an "example" of the mapping work that I do.

This is built from the CAD work done by the roadway engineer designers. I have to knit together their linework to make a coherent graphic. I tinted the background photo to a green tint in order to make the linework and new facility . Most of the design aesthetic associated with this graphic are legacies from beginnings of this study in 2001.

There are many many ways to make the graphic more pleasing in its design, but since there is a legacy keeping the family feel to the graphic is necessary. This version is supposed to fit on a 36" x 44" poster, but the final will most likely be a larger format print. There is a shit ton of detail on this.

And a close-up for detail

To recap:
The nanny starts today
For blog purposes I will refer to her as The Nanny
For blog porpoises I will refer to her as click click whistle click
It will be interesting to see this in-home childcare works out
Man, am I tired
I don't understand the dainty sneeze
You know the one
Everyone knows one person who dimply says in a conversational tone "a-choo" three times
They then mention how sneezey they have been and go about their business
Now, I am not a lift out of the chair and wake the neighbors sneezer, but my sneezing bouts last 30 seconds and involve much watering of eyes and lemony facial expressions
At the moment I am not listening to anything... well except for a dainty sneezer
Have a great weekend