3 Things

Oh, there are many a thing to tell from the weekend that was, I will instead only focus on three of them.

Thing the first: And They Call the Wind Maria: So it was a bit windy last night. By a “bit windy” I of course mean quite windy. There are quite a few trees down in the ‘hood and there is a good possibility that the fam will be without the power for a few days. The good thing is that we had not gone grocery shopping yet. We need to do laundry, buy groceries, and pay our bills electronically. I hope we are back online sooner rather than later.

Little Man was pretty freaked out by the power being off… not necessarily the wind storm itself. More to the point he was “scared” because he couldn’t play his new Diego based Wii game. He also might be kind of freaked out by the big ass tree that was knocked down onto a car down the street from us and watching the other tree split into thirds down the street from us. These are just guesses though.

Thing the second: Mom and Dad: Beyond the Thunderdome: My parents were going to pass through last night and have dinner with us prior to driving 2 more hours closer to their home. Well, they decided with the massive winds going on that it would be better to spend the night in Columbus and travel more today instead of part-way last night. This morning they decided to curtail their visit with the fam in order to travel get the HELL OUTTA DODGE!! I swear the looks on their faces made me think that they were uncomfortable in our lawless anarchy ridden post-apocalyptic war-zone. SWEET JEBUS THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS AREN”T WORKING!

Thing the Third: Hot Fresh Now: Little Man consumed his first food item that included egg in it’s preparation with no ill affects. We have been dairy-ing him up for a while now, yesterday he had his first taste of something with egg as an ingredient. He had no reaction other than wondering when we could “go to the store and get some when they are HOT FRESH NOW.”

To recap:
Driving to work today was like walking on glass
I had to help a poor bicyclist across the street
His heart was racing like a coke-addicted rabbit
A bicyclist trying to negotiate a 6 lane intersection where the drivers did not understand that they needed to treat it like a stop-sign
I almost said, “Grab onto my bumper and I will drag you to freedom”
Instead I said, “Stay close and follow me”
I am a super-hero
In my own mind
If it is only in my mind… why am I wearing a costume?