Digital Thursday

For today's Digital Thursday I want to show off some of the photo shoot that we did with franzphotography for the family. It was primarily Little Man's 5th birthday shoot (although they were taken a month after his birthday), but the whole fam got involved. Me and Little Man with are pirate faces

Wifey and Little Man
Q with an Elvis collar
It seems from this picture that Wifey actually likes me? I know... WTF?
Me and Q
The Family
The Family again

Little Man hopping
An innocent Little Man
Wifey and Q
A meeting of the minds
Happy Q

To recap:
Just got word from Wifey... we have cable TV and Phone... can the Internets be far away?
The photographer who took these shots is a great guy
I should make more of an effort to hang out with him
There are a few other local people I need to make more of an effort with
When I get home I will re-attach the pics so they can be embiggened
*EDIT* oooh it looks like I can already click for embiggination!
Had a cracking good sinus headache when I woke up this morning
Listening to Strangers in the Night by Cake off ofB-Sides and Rarities
Have a great weekend everyone