I feel... the POWAH

Over the past couple of days I have realized that the pioneering days were not all they were cracked up to be. Living without electricity is difficult when you are used to the modern convenience of things that “whirr” when plugged in and turned on. Not having much light at night makes insomnia really annoying and boring. Honestly I understand why people of yore got up a little before sunrise to start their day. It wasn’t because they were “morning people” or that there was so much to get done they had to start early, it was because they were bored out of their headachy skulls during the night if they were not sleeping. Don’t get me wrong it was nice to unplug for 1 evening and be unconnected to the electronic world. In fact it might become a monthly “day” for us, but 1 night was enough.

Now we have our power back so we can use our stove and keep food cold in a plugged in box instead of dangling it in a swift stream. Move us forward in time to say… the 1950’s. We have electricity and are very happy with that fact, but since we have out internet connection, TV reception, and phone all bundled together through our cable company and since our cable is out, we have no internet connectivity, phone, or TV reception in the house currently. So life has gotten better food preparation-wise but is still lacking in the entertainment area.

I hope that this “lack of global connectivity” is remedied rather quickly. There seems to be only so much I can do without tapping into the net to get validation from strangers. As it is, there are DVD’s to watch. Why Little Man decided that yesterday was a good day to dust off his Teletubbies DVD instead of his train DVD’s is beyond me. I never thought I would rather watch a succession of 140 trains in a 60 minute loop than Tinky-Winky, La La, Po, and that bastard out of Georgia, Dipsy.

To recap:
I needs the internets
Hopefully they will be back in action by the time I get home
I have little confidence in that though
And there is a new “Project Runway” on tonight at 9
Listening to All Alone by the Gorillaz off of Demon Days