Toe-May-Toe Toe-Mah-Toe

So, on Friday I had the pleasure of watching both kids… at the same time! A little bit scary and a little bit fun. Therefore I have a few comments about Friday:

Thing the First: Wifey gets to do some interesting stuff. The day long event that Wifey was doing was a forum on kids and the out of doors and how much those two groups don’t interact as much as they should. This particular instance was a grass roots movement that has grown. Grown enough that the event was held at the Ohio Governor’s Mansion.

Thing the Second: During the day long event that Wifey was working, she realized that she did not have her breast pump and therefore the “girls” were getting a bit uncomfortable by around 2 in the afternoon. So she calls me up and asks if I can bring Q by to help her out with this predicament.

Sure thing, no problem. I will just waltz up to a governor’s mansion and demand that my baby be fed by someone facilitating an afternoon long process. I am sure that security won’t have an issue with that. Turns out that security did, in fact, not have an issue with that. I park on the street in front of the residence and get both kids out of the car. I walk up to an ajar gate and pass through into a driveway. I look at the State Troopers in the guard house and give them a “Sup” head nod. I get one in return and head into the back garden of the Governor’s Mansion. WTF?!?!? WHAT IF I HAD BEEN EL ZORRO, THE FOX, AND THIS HAD BEEN THE CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR’S MANSION?!?!?!?

Thing the Third: Little Man was running around in the back yard of the Governor’s Mansion like a mutant chicken. I am not sure what that means, but there are some 7 year old out there shouting “I’m a mutant chicken” and I just want to be hip. He runs past some park benches and some picnic tables. He runs past some shrubs and small trees. He runs past a small green house. He runs behind a small vegetable garden. He comes around a corner eating something. He goes around another picnic table. He… wait a second? Was he EATING something!?!?!

Little Man has stolen some cherry tomatoes from the Governor’s Mansion. Brilliant.

To recap:
I peed in the Governor’s Mansion
Went hiking on Sunday
The whole fam went hiking on Sunday
There were 4 of us
Not 3
4 of us
Great Googily Moogily! There are 4 of us!
Listening to conversations with co-workers
I wish it were music
But it is not.