20 Questions Tuesday: 113 - Going home again

On Friday I am hi-tailing it out of this cow-town to see Capt McArmypant’s sister ,Capt McAirforcepants, get married to Capt McMarinepants, which gave me the idea to have 20 questions about going home again, traveling in general, and ‘Bama. So here it goes…

Thanks this week go to ACW, John P, Ksig, Belsum, All Rileyed Up, and Atmikha.

On to the questions:
1. Staying with the 'rents?
The choice was between staying with the ‘rents and making them somewhat happy or staying at Capt McArmpants’s haunted house… I chose the mild annoyance of my parents.

2. Did mom keep yours and/or brothers' rooms exactly the same?
Nope, even before they moved they changed things up multiple times. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t make it any better, but they did change it around.

3. Just you traveling or are you taking the little man? Q? both?
I am flying solo.

4. Will Capt McArmypants be there?
The whole ‘pants clan will be there. His sister Capt. McAirforcepants, His future brother-in-law Capt McMarinepants, his brother Mr McPilotpants, his mom the Rev McBiblepants and her husband Mr McPutterpants. As I understand it, many others from the far flung Mc…pants clan will be there as well (they, as of yet, remain titless).

5. There has to be something you like to see in Bama - right? Can't all be bad - what are you looking forward to (besides other people)?
2 of our cats are still there with my parents. I am looking forward to giving the cats some belly lovin’

6. From what I remember in college you used to average about an hour traversing Tennessee which is about 117 miles. Do you travel with the same velocity now with 2 kids at home?
I only accomplished that feat once, and that was because I was passed in Nashville going 90. My average landspeed has changed considerably since graduating from college.

7. Do you still have the same disdain for stopping while driving to relieve yourself or has the easy access to Depends really cut down on driving time?
I have no issues stopping for breaks now. Especially with my chronic sleep deprivation, stopping and waking myself up might be absolutely necessary.

8. Flying? Driving? Are you flying and if so will you be on any terror watch list? Why choose one or the other?
To my knowledge I am not on the terror watch list. Even though that is the case I will still be driving home. It makes me far less dependant on the parental units, and that is a very important thing.

9. Favorite food from ‘Bama you just can’t get north of the Mason Dixon line and will you get some for home?

10. You can’t go home again because… your parents moved and didn’t tell you where they went or… the neighborhood association has banned you and burned you in effigy?
Even though the ‘rents moved, they accidentally told me where they moved… plus they don't burn effigies in Bama

11. In the song "Oh Susanna", it describes the weather in Alabama as raining but very dry. It also says the sun is hot but people are freezing to death. What gives with Alabama's weather? Do you own a banjo? And if so, do you keep it near your knee?
The song is all about lost love and how life without said love is all topsy turvy and shit, as for the weather in ‘Bama… It is fairly predictable, especially in the spring/summer times.

12. How did the ‘Bamans celebrate Halloween? Pump kin
What’s a ‘Bama quarter? Two dimes and a nickel taped together
The ‘Baman asked his cousin, “Got a little redneck in yeh? Y’ant some?”

My cousins live in Georgia. ‘Bama is the subject of all their jokes. Who do the ‘Bamans make fun of?
The great State of Mississippi and the denizens therein.

13. Give me your best Alabama anagram.
Baa Lama

14. Do people still talk about Bear Bryant?
Well, about 50% of the state populous still talk about Bear… the other 50% talk about Pat Dye.

15. How do people in the 'Bama feel about Tom Hanks' accent in Forrest Gump?
I believe they said, “Hey, Deddy, lookit! They’re talking like us on tha movie pictures.”

16. Ever been to Space Camp?
Nope, but I have been to Redstone Arsenal and the Marshall Space Flight Center a few times.

17. Your ambivalence for your Southern roots are well known (--and by ambivalence, I mean open contempt). Are you looking forward to anything about going back, aside from the Wedding?
Other than the cats and some Bar-B-Que, not really.

18. Who will cook the orange rice while you are gone?
I will be making some Thursday evening after Little Man goes to bed.

19. What do you expect to be the low point of the trip?
The trip. This will, without a doubt, be a supremely stressful and tiresome weekend. Other than seeing Capt. McArmypants, watching his little sis get married, and playing with the cats, I am dreading this weekend. It will not be restful, it will be uncomfortable, it will bring up crappy memories. This is not the recipe for a wonderful wedding

20. Can you explain the Moon Pie?
Nope, I have no explanation of the moon pie… or grits

And one to grow on…
21. Is there anyone you dread running into, and yet who cannot be avoided?
I already mentioned the parents, yes?

To recap:
I need to get the oil in my car changed
And a nap
Slept for crap last night
So I ache and am tired
A winning combination to be sure
Interview Number 2 tonight for the nanny position
I am giddy with excitement
The Intertubes sucks when it comes to writing sarcasm
Man, I am tired
Listening to Can You Picture That by Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem