5 Things

Yeah, you read that right. 5 Things

Thing the first:
The problem with me and getting well after a bout of head-coldy sickness is that when it is over, when it is all said and done I have some nasty assed shit spew forth from my sinus passages… I mean it comes out orange and frothy… and it just keeps coming… and then you, and I do mean you as in not me but someone who is potentially near me, can hear air entering into those sinus passages. With how disgusting that sounds and it is truly disgusting, just be glad you are not me. Well, be glad that you are not me for this specific reason this time. Okay now you can go back to the general feeling of being glad you are not me.

Thing the second:
The issue with IKEA stores is not even the furiniture which is pretty much well made and relatively inexpensive. The issue with IKEA stores is the lower level stuff. Those who have been to a store know what I am talking about. Inexpensive accoutrement all over the place is just waiting to be purchased. It is not the furniture that people spend all their money… it is the extra stuff downstairs. Did we need a 17 piece set of plastic food containers? No… did I mention it was $1.99? Then we need 3. That place is one of those places that you could seriously go broke saving money. I hate you IKEA store only because I love you so much.

Thing the third:
Little Man is still quite into trains. Whilst Wifey, Q, and I were at IKEA spending the kids’ college money for a bag of 48 stainless steel sporks, Little Man and his Mimma were at the number one railfanning site in the state of Ohio. They saw 5 to 7 trains in a very short timeframe. The initial report was 5, then it was reduced to 6, but he can only recall 5 trains. Anyway… he was on cloud nine with his Mim Saturday whilst Wifey and I were worried he was feeling left out.

Thing the fourth:
We start the nanny interviewing process again tonight. This is such a difficult process made even more difficult by Wifey and my particular idiosyncratic lists of things we would like. For some reason “hotty who likes flabby wheezing mouth breathing balding guys” is NOT on her list. Go figure.

Currently we have a good universe of options from which to pick, so hopefully this decision will be made by this weekend.

Thing the fifth:
I am heading down ‘Bama-way on Friday to see Capt McArmypant’s younger sister get married. Oddly enough, she is Capt. McAirForcepants who is getting married to a Capt McMarinepants. Hey McArmypants! You need to look for an O-3 in the navy to round out this United Colors of Beneton Military family. So, McArmpants, quit your whining and get yourself to some navy posts and hit on all the Lieutenants you can see. It’s the Navy so you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to one team.

To recap:
I will actually have something for Digital Thursday this week
Well, hopefully, at least
I have a few irons in the fire digitally speaking, of course
I am tired of blowing my nose
My cube neighbors are tired of me snorting
This sickness is tiring
Listening to my sinuses de-pressurize and fill with air