Digital Thursday

Well, even though it is the actual blogaversary today I thought I would post up an update to last week’s Digital Thursday and do an extra special Halloween post for the Blogaversary.

Last week I showed you the near finished work in progress for the October Challenge of the Cartographer’s Guild. I gave you the background on what the challenge was about and all that stuff. Well, today I am going to give the version that I submitted for the contest. I will also outline what I would have done had I had more time in which to accomplish those doings.

Anywhoo… here is the submitted version of the challenge. (please click to embiggenate for the devil is in the details of this bugger.) The main difference between this one and the one I showed last Thursday is that I halved the width of the planking for the dock, I added an airboat, some boxes and crates, some flotsam and jetsam, and tables and chairs for the Dead Spider Bar and Grill.

1. If I had time I would have liked to put some kind of element in the barren center area of the map. It looks too open and too bare to be useful in such a cramped space.

2. In some of the open water areas that don’t seem to make sense I would have added pilings to show that construction is happening there or about to happen there.

3. The roofs of the structures are bit on the bare side. They should have some kind of detail to add seams and panels to the rather large roof areas. A single sheet of metal is not going to cover most of those areas. Also, even though these shacks are in the bayou, they still need fireplaces and stoves, so chimneys and smokestacks need to be evident .

4. The lower left portion of the map should indicate where a boat is docking.

5. There need to be a few more airboats in the upper left corner.

6. There should be the shadow of a gator in the water area with the “dead” mechanized spider.

7. More flotsam and jetsam because those are fun words to say.

Oh, and here is a Supergirl I dre for a Ten Ton Studios Sketch Challenge (click to embiggen)

To recap:
Happy blogaversary to me
No one even offered to buy me lunch :(
And it is my Blogaversary :’(
I am sad and poor and kind of hungry now
Feel free to wish me a happy blogaversary in the comments... it will make me all warm and squishy inside
Looks like I will win the October Challenge with the above map
Kick ass!
I'm a winner!
I am attempting to build up a fantasy cartographic portfolio in order to make some extra scratch in the gaming world
Little Man is dressing up as a cat for Halloween
I am not dressing up
Listening to Something Is Not Right With Me by the Cold War Kids off of Loyalty to Loyalty
Have a great weekend