2 Things

I thought that I should continue on with the recap of the third and fourth years of the blog, but because the public has demanded that I do not do that. Therefore, in order to keep my 5 fervent readers, I will refrain from doing a post of the first sentences for year 3 or for year 4. I listen… I am a listener.

There are 2 things to talk about from this weekend.

Thing the First: Halloween

Little Man enjoyed himself immensely on Halloween. He does not do the “trick-or-treat” thing, but he does enjoy handing out the candy. He dressed as a black “Halloween Cat” for the holiday. He did a great job meting out candy to all the kids trick or treating.

There was a surprising lack of 14 year olds just wanting free candy this year. Usually there are about 10 kids who are way too old to be trick-or-treating, who did not wear a costume, and who seem to feel entitled to my candy. This year, I did not see that. There were a few kids who were questionably aged for the event, but they were costumed, so that seemed okay.

Little Man was invited to a Halloween Party on Saturday that he bravely went to. It was for a friend of mine’s kids and he wasn’t going to know anyone there. He went and the party goers whilst costumed were still very cliquish. He did not have a good time, but he did eat their pizza before we left. That showed them!

Thing the Second: Vertigo

The vertigo that Wifey suffered through about 2 years ago came back on Sunday. Since we already knew that the symptoms might come back (per the ER doc) we knew that it might rear its ugly head again. She was diagnosed with BPPV last time around and the remedy for that particular bout of vertigo was the Epley Maneuver. While not a trained medical professional, I helped Wifewy through the set of postures for the Epley. It seemed to help but she was out of commission for most of yesterday.

She is doing much better today, but alas and alack for Q, she is no longer able to rock the little girl to sleep.

To recap:
I won the Cartographer’s Guild October Challenge
Go me!
I have a boo boo on my right birdie finger
It makes lots of people think that I am flipping them off
I am not
No one bought me lunch in celebration of my Blogaversary
I am flipping them off
Listening to my throbbing headache