2 things

2 things to get to today, so lets’s get at it.

Thing the First:
Wifey and Q are back in town and that makes me a happy camper. Both Little Man and I missed them greatly this past week and weekend. Little Man and I survived well enough, but it just wasn’t as much fun as having the rest of the household around.

The 2 womens-folk of the household returned last night, and while I have had some time with Q, I am still waiting to get the ability to have a conversation with Wifey. It seems that when one works for a week while doing the primary parenting of a baby and then travels with a baby to an airport, the trend is for one to be beyond exhaustion. Wifey was asleep on the couch by 8:30 last night. She was asleep downstairs before Little Man was asleep upstairs.

Today she had 2 conference calls and a meeting to go to as well as taking care of Little Man and Q. I fear that she is going to be crispy toasty this evening as well. So eventhough she is back, I still miss her.

Thing the Second:
The parental units and my nephews will be arriving on Wednesday afternoon for the upcoming Feast of Fowl. Usually this family incursion into SRHland would require briefings and de-briefings and strategy sessions utilizing Lucite Maps with technicians who write backwards and mark positions with toy boats…

However, as of late we have had to prepare ourselves less and less for visits with the parental folk. They seem to be respecting our boundaries more and starting to interact more lovingly. It is a pleasant change. There is this strange sensation of “not dread” at their impending appearances. I cannot go so far as to say that I am wholeheartedly looking forward to their visit. That is a mistake you only make a few times before having the cruel reality come crashing about your head and shoulders area.

This visit is intended to be a short one. For all of you who did not know (and that includes all of you, save Wifey) my dad went to the hospital (again) for chest pains last week, and does not quite feel “up to “ and extended stay here in C-bus. The tests on said chest pains seem to indicate an ulcer in his upper GI system, so no one start praying for him just yet.

To recap:
I have to stop by the grocery store on the way home
It seems I ate all of Little Man’s cheese puffs
In my defense they sat unperturbed in the cupboard for 4 days before I devoured them
They were the All Natural White Cheddar kind
I am only human
Crew took the MLS Cup yesterday 3 -1
Hopefully they use this win as an opportunity to change their logo from the village people logo to something more soccer oriented
Maybe they will become F.C. Columbus and be affectionately known as “the Crew”
That would be nice
Never happen, but it would be nice
Tomorrow’s 20 questions is about Thanksgiving Day
Listening to Wallflowers by MC Frontalot