2 Things

In a feeble attempt to not haphazardly post when I feel like it, I have decided to post my typical Monday Morning Musings in my very typical 2Things fashion except I have 4 things….

Thing the First: It is difficult to plan meals out prior to the holiday feasting that takes place for the Christmas Holiday. It is both difficult and necessary. Wednesday and Thursday’s meals are already accounted for, but tonight and Tuesday need some thought. The issue is that we don’t want anything that might potentially interfere with the gastronomic success of the holiday mealings, but we don’t want to attempt a survival quest of merely bread and water either. It is a delicate balance… a delicate balance indeed. So for dinner tonight… something that doesn’t completely suck, yet isn’t too good. Sounds almost like a lunch at Arby’s…

Thing the Second: The e-cards are away! Many of fine reader has received their email card as of last night. So far I have only had 2 bounce back but that was before we lost…

Thing the Third: …our Time Warner cable bundle. Yes, we are without cable, internet, or phones. The bundle package is nice when things are going well, but when they go bad, they really go bad. Wifey is stuck at home with a little girl who is a bit snotty and a stir crazy 5 year old boy with now Diego… Sometimes, going to work is not so bad.

Thing the Fourth: Holy Shit! It was cold last night and this morning!

To recap:
Sweet Jimminy Christmas Cakes on a pine box, it was cold this morning
Did I mention cold?
I go home in a few minutes
A home with a sick infant
A home with a hyper 5 year old
I have re-initialized the iPod
But I have not completely reloaded the music on it
Therefore I am not listening to anything