20 9 Questions Tuesday: 119 - Scheduling Conflicts

Here it is Tuesday again. It seems like just a week ago it was Tuesday. Anyhoo… I have been a bit more sporadic in my posting lately due to some outside influences on my attention span, but it all boils down to scheduling. Therefore this week’s poorly attended topic is scheduling. Poor scheduling on my part? I think so. Anyway, I got 9 total questions about schedules and I think 3 of those were about pronunciation.

Anyway… thanks this week go to ACW, Peefer, Capt McArmypants, and Kim.

Onto the questions:
1. Can I get back to you on this?
Nope, this is kind of a one shot pony here. There were not even enough questions for a single 20Q’sTues, much less drag it along for multiple weeks. You lost out, bud.

2. One question: skeh-jule or sheh-jule?
One answer: depends. (hey, I have to draw this answer out. 2 more people asked about it).

3. Schedule sounds more important when pronounced SHHHHHHH-edyool. Why don't we Mericans all use that pronunciation?
Because we tend to the more Germanic pronunciations of words. What can I say? Mericans like the “hard K.”

4. What does scheduling mean to you? I mean do you have a firm "at 12 I eat lunch, at 15 after I take a break" type scheduler or are you more of an itinerary type of guy?
Scheduling for me is usually a loose framework. I am much more of an itinerary kind of guy, but I understand that some times a strict schedule is necessary.

5. I have started using Outlook calendar that reminds me of events and meetings and a GPS to get to the meeting, I see this trend going one of two ways. Technology is taking more and more of the mundane thinking away and I can't decide if I want technology to finish me off and allow me to operate on auto pilot while I play video games in my head or go away entirely before I become a robot. Comments or suggestions?
BTW, what level are you on for the mental Tetris game you have going on right now? I think a Blackberry with calendar and a GPS device is only a small price to pay for your ability to function is a tightly scheduled world.

6. How can pipe have a schedule?
I did not realize that they did?

7. When you were first allowed to pick your own schedule in College did you try and follow the subject or the 3 to 4 day weekend? How did that work out?
I didn’t mind a full 5 day week as much as having class before 9 a.m. I was able to steer myself mostly away from the morning classes, but a bunch of upper level math courses resided in the 7:45 a.m. slots. Jerks. Who can do higher level math at 7:45 in the morning? No one, that’s who.

8. The other day, I was chatting with a Brit. I kept asking him to repeat himself when he was saying "sheh-jul". I didn't know what the bloody hell he meant. Finally, I realized the arse was saying "schedule". why didn't he just say that? Does the British pronunciation of the word bother you as much as it does me?
It doesn’t bother me too much when there is an audible “d” in the word. If, as you report, the bloke was pronouncing it “sheh-jul” I would probably want to gut him and wear his skin as a suit, but if there was an audible “d” that you are just not mentioning, I would probably get him a beer.

9. Why do we bother using Gantt charts when the final due date never changes??? Is it so that we can visually see how screwed we are?
I don’t understand why Gantt charts are even toyed with. There has not been a project yet that has actually followed the proposed Gantt timeline. The due date should have “-ish” after the date and the Gantt should be one big bar with a question mark inside of it.

Well, that is it. I am 11 questions short and my headache is telling me not to worry about them.
To recap:
My head is really bothering me
Wifey is having some kind of hoot-nanny tonight that requires me to be away
Her hoot-nannies should require me to play World of Warcraft
I think I will take Little Man to get Mama and Q Christmas presents and some desert
Not necessarily in that order
Stupid headache and it is my own darn fault too
I should have slept last night
Instead I stayed up too late not sleeping
Listening to Danger Woman by The Aquabats!