Failed Post beginnings

I type with only five fingers. Truly it is only four fingers but I use the left thumb as a prop so I count it.

I kind of miss the Yeti. He has not contacted me in well over a year, so I can only assume that he is dead and the inheritance shall be all mine.

I get more and more emails from people I don’t know because of this blog.

Little Man has taken his fight with sleep to new heights, and it seems that he has enlisted his nose into the fight.

Sometimes when I cannot think of a topic to write on, I call Wifey. Sometimes I just sit and wait for inspiration. Wifey is much more effective.

The problem with being mauled by a vampire bear is that if one is not ursine in nature one does not enter the realm of the undead, one is just plain old dead… horribly disfigured-ly disgustingly bloodlessly dead.

Coming up with ideas for Christmas presents is not nearly as easy as it was when I collected and played with toys as a kid.

Almost dozing off at your desk whilst at work is bad. Almost dozing off at you desk whilst at work in a meeting with your boss is a political statement.

I need to make the family Christmas Cards soon and Wifey doesn’t want me to focus the family as the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What’s the point of having 4 family members if you can’t make them look like War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death on a holiday card?

Little Man has turned a corner on kids TV programming and I am not sure I like it.

Of all the natural hazards out there, none are so amazingly un-sexy as “slump.”

Looking back on it, I would be much richer if I were paid more.

What I don’t understand about lightsabers is

There is not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Little Man likes the show Extreme Trains on the History Channel. I define “likes” as “constantly obsesses about” in this instance.

Being famous would be nice, especially concerning free shit.

To recap:
I could have made this a recap post
I am so stupid
I hate flossing
Those tow statements are separate statements
They should not be read as “I am so stupid, I hate flossing”
Even though it may be what you think there is no provable causality indicated
Listening to Let it Die by the Foo Fighters