20 Questions Tuesday: 125 - Inaugruation Madness

Well, it is official. We now have a 44th President and the 43rd's executive powers have been diminished. In honor of the inaugural event I have decided to make this 20 Questions Tuesday all about our presidential inauguration. Thanks this week to A Kate From Work, The Artist Formerly Known as Lord Pith Who Seems to Have Lost Most of His Pith Thus Making Him Less Than Lord Pyithy, Wifey, and some other guy.

On to the questions:
1. Do you think the ~5,000 port-o-potties will be adequate for the ~2 million bladders (no doubt inebriated) attending?
If there inauguration were occurring at nioght I would agree that most of them would be filled with the remnants of alcohol, but since it was at noon I think they are more than likely sober. That being said .25% coverage is a bit low. If you add all the available public facilities you get to about .3%. I think there will be many a steaming puddle of smelliness.

2. Do you think the next generation will be named in honor of Obama after the reported surge in pregnancies on election day (and now inauguration day)?
Probably not. If President Obama does what he aims to do though, I think kids born 15 years from now will be sporting the moniker “Barack.”

3. What is your opinion on the egregious cost of the inauguration (~$150 million), the most ever spent, versus the number of people in the US who don't have access to clean water?
Circus and Bread…. Circus and bread. Even those without clean water are probably glued to their TV sets (yes they more than likely have TV and Cable or Direct TV) and watching the event’s pomp and ceremony. Tomorrow they will complain that things haven’t changed and they still have non-safe water.

4. If you were to take a sign to the inauguration, what would it say?
Probably something like “Yea! President Obama.” If it were a MMORPG the sign would say “Woot! N00b Pres! Lolz”

5. What's your opinion on the zealot who keeps trying to have and god references removed from the inaugural oath and who is suing the two ministers who have agreed to be part of the ceremony?
Oddly zealousness is typically applied to the overtly overly religious. Interesting. If his zeal is about the separation of church and state, I believe he should be referred to as a strict constructionalist. If his zeal is about atheism instead of theism, I respect him less. Either way he is a crack pot with too much time and money on his hands.

6. In the grand scheme of things, should we really give a rat's ass about "who Michelle is wearing"?
We should not care at all… yet pea soup green? Come on!

7. If I were being sworn in as president I would want to use the Big Little Book "Popeye, Danger Ahoy." What would you use?
I have no texts that are especially sacred to me.

8. How funny would it be if just as he was about to place his hand on the Lincoln Bible, Barack suddenly jerked back and said, "Nah, just kidding." and walked away.
I don’t think that would be funny at all. In fact I think that would be the opposite of funny. It would be un-funny.

9. How cooler would it be if just before Barack were to place his hand on the Lincoln Bible for swearing in, the former President W. Bush ran up crying and wrapped his arms around the podium screaming, "I'm not leaving I'm not leaving I'M NOT LEAVING!!!!!"
That would never happen. The grammar is too correct. Replace “I’m not” with “I Hain’t” and you’ve got yourself comedy.

10. I want to design the china for the First Family. What do you want?
China to balance its currency and stop subsidizing the entire country to level the economic playing field.

11. Why aren’t we there?
I will answer this question in two parts:
Part the first: I have no vacation in reserve. There is no way to have gone to DC and get paid by my employer
Part the second: Sweet Jeebus! It was cold. There were 2 million people there in the freezing cold since before dawn this morning. Not to mention every hotel was booked from DC all the way to Pennsylvania. Granted we would have attempted to stay with McArmypants, but that doesn’t solve the “where would we eat” issues.

12. President Obama?

13. No, Really?!?
Yep, really.

14. Seriously? President Frikkin-Obama?!? No fuckin way!
Fucking way.

15. Get the fuck out of here!
I know. I know.

16.Do you think television should change its terms to keep people from having a heart attack everytime the newsies say, “Looks like Obama has just been shot…. By the photographers on the East Lawn.”
Now that you mention it, yes, yes, I do.

17. I couldn’t think of any questions that weren’t dorky.
Par for the course for most of the readers. Sadly, I would expect nothing better… or worse. Then again what is a dorky question about inaugurations?

18. Favorite Inauguration event?
The parade! Everybody loves a parade!

19. What is for your Inaugural Dinner?
It looks as if the family will be having Colcannon for inaugural dinner. Mmmmmm potatoes and ham.

20. Can we change “Hail to the Chief” to the “Theme from Shaft?”
I would like nothing better.

To recap:
Let’s all hope that the 44th is better than the 43rd
I was actually busy today
Tonight I will work on a map that I have been neglecting for the Cartographer's Guild
And I might draw Rom the Spaceknight as well
That is just how I roll
“My role is to roll”
Thinking about that as my tag line
I am in the process of growing a full beard
Because I have gotten even lazier about shaving
Listening to the Faders No Sleep Tonight