3 Things

There are 3 things to chat about from the weekend and today.

Thing the First:
Q got something like 17 vaccinations and a good 12 inoculations on Thursday. So this weekend has been especially fun since she went “all cranky and shit” on Saturday night. Saturday night and Sunday night were not easy nights (especially for Wifey who is the only person in the universe whom Q allows to comfort her.) Usually we can trick Q into thinking it is mama who is comforting her by having me rock her in a rocking chair in a dark room, but this weekend the 7.5 month old was onto us. She is wily beyond her lack of years. Saturday night and last night I would just about have her in my arms before she woke up inconsolable due to my lack of motherness. To sum up quite quickly, Wifey and Q are rather tired folk.

Thing the Second:
I am not sure who fed him such lies, but I have my bets. Little Man is afraid of “sleeping the day away” and therefore will not sleep past 7 a.m. in fear that he will not have time to play with his trains. Sunday morning (despite groggy logic dispensed by yours truly) Little Man was away and ready to go by 7 am. Through much cajoling his attempts to go downstairs were rebuffed until 7:30-ish, and through sheer will and determination by Wifey, downstairs was not achieved until around 8 a.m.

Later during conversations about general tiredness and the concept of sleeping in, Little Man explained that he was afraid of sleeping all day and not getting to play. We assured him that we would wake him up before the day was slept away, and waxed eloquently on the joys of sleeping in.

This morning he did not wake us until 8:10. Small victories.

Thing the Third:
The problem with most federal holidays that are not strongly associated with a particular religious sub-context is that when you work for a consulting firm, they do not technically exist. So here I am, sitting at my desk at work, whilst all of my regularly-employed-friends are sitting at home watching Maury Povich (who’s the baby daddy? I don’t know). Today IS a holiday to commemorate the trials and tribulations of the late Dr King, but here in consultant world, instead of referring to this as MLK Day, we call it Monday.

None of our clients are working, because they are all government employees, yet they have given us tasks to accomplish before they come back to work tomorrow. Alas and alack, I have job.

There are 3 things to chat about from the weekend and today.

To recap:
At work and bored
I have about 3 things to work on around Louisville, Ky
I am waiting for review by others for all 3
We had to get new cell phones because Q slobbered all over our other ones
One of the problems with having a baby around
We didn’t have to baby proof the house much for Little Man
Q will be a different matter entirely
I have 1.5 books in my queue to read
Unless you consider the 2 books in the “Aloud Rocking Q Reading Queue”
I typically don’t consider them
I need to clean my desk at work
I am afraid of the dust disturbances of such a cleaning venture
Listening to Fa-Fa-Fa by Datarock