20 Questions Tuesday: 128 - Teeth

Here it is Tuesday again and I didn’t post on this past Thursday or Monday. I am slipping in this un-employmenty thingy.

Anywho… the topic today is “Teeth” and this comes to us by way of Little Man having some more loose teeth and Q adding some more. Anyway, thanks this week go to John P, All Rileyed Up, and Capt McArmypants, and Nadolny.
On to the questions:

1. What is with the saying "by the skin of your teeth"?
I believe it refers to the thin layer of skin that just barely covers a crowning new tooth. It is very sensitive and very thin.

2. Have you ever been in an accident which dislodged one or more of your teeth?
When I was a little kid I knocked out my two front teef, but my mom shoved them back in my skull, and I am once again whole.

3. Do you go for the tribal practice of filing one's teeth into pointed shapes as a coming of age ritual? I saw one on Nova once, I think.
I do not go for that practice. It is a creepy look when someone goes for that practice, creepy indeed.

4. Will the tooth fairy adjust for inflation in this day and age? To me a dime per tooth is a damn good deal.
You, sir are not aquainted with today’s prices.

5. Who has the freakiest looking teeth you have ever seen? Either gross British style or Osmond chiclet white.
Going to go with either the “Big Book of British Smiles” or Appalachian Gaps.

6. I hate that all the elaborate battery-operated kids' toothbrushes don't have the option to replace the heads once the bristles are worn down. Why are toothbrush companies so wasteful?
Planned obsolescence

7. What is your worst personal tooth experience?
Wisdom teeth being removed.

8. Have you ever forcibly removed a loose tooth and how?
Just manual brute force, no doors and string for me.

9. Do you floss Little Man's teeth with a flosser or regular dental floss?
You could have stopped that question with the word “teeth.”

10. How much money did you receive from the tooth fairy and how much do you plan to pay Little Man?
I got a quarter. My parents were rolling in it, yo! We give Little Man $1.

11. How important is teeth to gum ratio to you?
It is a very important ratio. Wifey is much more opinionated about this particular golden mean though.

12. Large buck teeth, God's private joke? or character building?
That ain’t a private joke between you and God.

13. Jewell's grill. Jacked up or kinda refreshing since it is so not Hollywood?
Just jacked up. I used to think it was all refreshing until she started sex kittening herself up… with jacked up teeth. Hey, Snaggletooth, put some damn clothes on or fix the fangs.

14. Think your chillen's gonna need braces?
Oh yeah.

15. Tooth fairy? Have you ever noticed that all our childhood myths we are encouraged to believe in come down to creepy strangers reverse stealing from you? What up with that? Maybe as a nation we should come up with new myths for our children not based on vaguely disturbing home invasion?
You have a point here, one that might need to be discussed at length further.

16. Is this the first he has lost?
Nope, this will be number 3

17. Do you know the proper order the teeth are supposed to come out? (my wife does, anal daughter of a dentist she is)
The same as they came in, if I remember correctly. He is on upper left front right now.

18. What is the medical term for the tooth he lost?
Egg tooth? It goes with his 2-chambered heart.

19. Do you do the tooth fairy thing? I know it is harmless, but the lying to a kid thing gets some parents wigged out. Personally, we lie through our teeth (pun intended).
We are all about the lying to the kids thing. We thought about making up a shit ton of fairies to make him do stuff. The “Plate Cleaning Fairy” will not be pleased and erase all your mp3’s if you don’t finish eating.

20. How much is the going rate for a tooth fairy? What was it when you were a kid? What is the inflation rate of teeth if a train is going 100mph north and...?
We give the little guy $1, but he forgets about it and I buy myself a soda.

To recap:
This unemployment thing is making my internal calendar all wonky
Got a bit of a chest cold at the moment
Stupid congestion
Listening to “Don’t You Evah” by Spoon