3 Things

Okay, it has been a bit of a break from posting for me, but since Wifey posted something, I feel like I need to get back on this horse.

Three things that seem topical to me today for the post...

Thing the First:
My allergies are off the charts right now. I am praying for rain, not because the flowers need it, or because we planted a vegetable garden. I am praying fervently to the rain gods to wash the pollen away. With the pollen count being all gigantic right now I have been using Zyrtec in the morning and Claritan in the evening to double up on the anti-histamines. The cottonwood trees have deposited enough of their fluffy death to have the pollen equivalent of snow drifts. So, on Saturday I had some yard workish stuff to do which exposed me to tons of leaf mold and required cutting the grass. Leaf mold and grass are two of my favorite allergies.

Then on Sunday it all went south for me. After spending a goodly amount of time cleaning in the kitchen, my right eye decided that it had had enough and decided to close up shop. The area around the eye just kept on swelling with allergenic love. So in addition to the Claritan and Zyrtec I am now Benadryling every 4 hours.... So at 4 AM this morning I decided to go to the ER and get some help. 3 hours and some eyedrops later, I am feeling much better. I would have added a picture, but that is just plain icky.

For the record: Zyrtec, Claritan, Benadryl, and eye drops. Finally I can see again. The thing about anti-histamines is that they dry you out, causing you to pee, so you have to keep yourself hydrated which makes you pee. I am seeing a bunch of the bathroom today. It needs cleaned too (and not due to my lack of binocular vision and peeing).

Thing the Second:
I finally have a better understanding of what Wifey does for a living. She is a snake-oil salesmen and a charlatan. She hawks goods too the un-informed and ill-advised. She is a huckster, a liar, and a thief... and I am all the more proud of her because of it.

May 14th through the 17th I was in one of Wifey's Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversation trainings. It is amazing seeing her in action. She truly is a badass with her black belt in Conversation-Fu.

Thing the Third:
Happy Memorial Day. I know that I do not appear to be the most fervently patriotic person, but let me tell you there is a quiet deep patriotism that runs through me that is fierce in its nature and vehement in its application. I just do not publicize it too much. Thanks to all the people past present, future, alive, and dead in the US armed forces.

To recap:
Been a while
Tomorrows 20 Questions Tuesday is about conversation killers
It should be fun
Should be, but I only have 10 questions so far
Anyone want to send in a few to me?
Use my email on my profile page
The official topic is "Things that kill off a conversation"
Thanks in advance
Listening to Little Man ask me questions about the Pop Tarts I am about to eat