20 Questions Tuesday: 144 - Kindergarten

Little Man is in kindergarten, so I figured it would be a good time to set up the venerable topic that is Kindergarten as the topic for today’s 20 Questions Tuesday. I was right because I get 20 questions rather quickly today.

Thanks this week go to Lsig, John P, Sparky, and Capt McArmypants (you will know his question by the bitter taste they leave in your mouth). On to the questions!...

1. Full day or half day? Which do you think is better for kids?
Orange cream-sicles, but I will expound upon that more later.

2. What is your best memory of kindergarten?
We used to have movie afternoons on Friday afternoon. Sometimes it was those crappy single slide animation crap with the really bad audio, but occasionally it was a film that they broke out the projector for.

3. What is your worst memory of kindergarten? Is it worse than mine of vomiting mac and cheese two inches from Ben, the boy I liked?
Hmm... Worst memory. I have tried mightily to repress those memories, and I am afraid that if I scratch the surface I will... oh, God... the horror! The Horror..... ummm, where was I? Oh, yes. The dropping of the Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

4. Who had a worse time of it on his first day- you or Wifey?
I had a worse day on the day of, but Wifey did her mourning the night before.

5. Where on Earth did the time go?
I have no idea, but I really wish I did.

6. Why is nap time phased out as we get older? I could sure use a scheduled break like that in my day!
I think nap time should not be wasted on those who do not appreciate it.

7. Does Little Man have a lunch box or am I totally out of touch with the new generation? I had a rocking $6 million man box and then a pretty neat KISS one.
He has a Speed Racer lunchbox (actually a soft sided insulated bag, and not a metal box with the potential to rust... Why Star Wars lunch box?!?! Why?!?!? that an 8 year old friend of his gave him... I am not sure it was a practical joke or not.... That movie was horrible.

8. Do Kindergartners still use the fat pencils or am I again dating myself? (maybe they get their own wireless mouse now)
I think you are dating yourself a bit. The school Little Man is at currently is trying to get Smartboards in all of the classrooms.

9. Is back to school shopping going to be a big deal in your household or just a low key "here you go" event?
It was a big event for everyone other than Little Man. He could not give a rat’s ass about what we were doing. It was taking him away from his playtime with his airplanes!

10. Hmmm SRH directing the local PTA our country is doomed!! Anyway if you are in charge is it appropriate to call the parents and their children your minions?
I have no aspirations of PTA dominance, but if I did they would most definitely be considered my minions.

11. What is Little Man’s K schedule – 5 full days, 5 half days, etc.?
He goes Monday through Friday from 8:50 to 3:25.

12. First impression of his teacher….
She seems nice enough. Word on the street is that she is awesome, but I will believe that after I have done my own diagnostics.

13. Who was your first friend in Kindergarten? Tell your devoted blog readers a little bit about Kindergarten SRH and his friend (insert name here).
It is hard to tell, I am sure Capt. McArmypants remembers who my friends were in K, but I do not. I did K through 2 in one school and 3 through 6 in another (of which I remember waaaay more) then I hooked back up with the first school system when I went to 7th grade. I honestly do not remember much from K.

14. Did Little Man get a special after-school treat to celebrate surviving his first day?
Nope, should he have? Wifey and I had vodka straight after we left him there for the cruel cruel world to beat him down...

15. What made the biggest impression on Little Man during his first day? (For Jack, it was all about the bus ride.)
"The cafeteria is also the gym, they just put the tables away when they use it as a gym." That is all we could get out of him after day 1.

16. So how come some kids get orange cream-sicles while everybody else has to eat crappy old fudge popsicles? I mean what up with that?
Let’s be clear there was only one kindergartner that got an orange cream-sicle, and that was me. I was allergic to chocolate and would break out in hives if I ate any. someone seems to hold that grudge against me on fudge popsicle day, yet conveniently forgets that I got some hideous graining red frosting on my birthday celebration cupcakes.

17. What was your favorite kindergarten memory? Most peculiar?
Orange cream-sicles... you can suck it, McArmypants! I got the orange cream-sicles that were orange on the outside with vanilla on the inside! Not even the crappy orange things where the vanilla is mixed in with the orange... as for the second part... Greg T. always throwing up in his lunchbox and then calmly closing it up like nothing had happened. I swear he did that at least 2 times a week.

18. Was it hard to adjust to dealing with all those other kids? Were you properly socialized or was it all pretty scary that first day?
I don’t remember it being all too difficult, but I had seen my big brother in school and just kind of expected that to be my fate as well.

19. So good ole Timmy C! What ever happened to that kid? I mean after the 2nd year of hysterical crying on the first day until his mom came and got him do you really think it is fair to bring him back to the same school? I mean how could he ever get a fair-shake after that?.......... I mean if he was NOT a hysterical nut bar or somehow overcame his hysterical nutbar tendencies.
Wow, the only kid I remember who locked himself in a car and cried hysterically. I remember laughing my ass about the locked in a car incident in the old construction tire play ground they had.

20. So the concept that Ms. Hale was like 10 years younger than you are now is kinda freaky huh?
Ow, that actually hurts a bit. I had not even thought about that. Man, I am old.

To Recap:
Kindergarten was a looong time ago
I am old
Today he drew at least 3 pictures of airplanes
This new obsession is hampered by his lack of understanding concerning enumeration districts and political boundaries
For example:
Little Man: How long would it take to fly from Ohio to Columbus?
Me: Ummm... Columbus is in Ohio
LM: How long a flight would it be?
Me: Dude (I love calling him “dude”), I am telling you, we live in Ohio.
LM: (frustrated and yelling a bit) NO!!! HOW LONG FROM OHIO TO HERE?!?!
Me: 0 minutes.
Listening to the fan in Q’s room