20 Questions Tuesday: 145 - BACON!

This weekend Q decided that she wanted to eat some turkey bacon… as I stated in the recap from yesterday, I feel kind of like a fraud, but she is just a baby and should not be consuming that amount of pork fat as a part if her diet… the fat and the nitrates, God Lord the nitrates! Those things are bad for you.

Thanks this week go to Belsum, Nadolny, Chris Corrigan, and Some Other Guy. On to the questions:

1. I’m currently enjoying a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich. Are you jealous?
YES! I had Frosted Mini Wheats... very un-baconny

2. A friend of mine has a saying, “Bacon makes everything better.” I guess there’s no question here. It’s obviously true. Just thought I’d share her wisdom with you.
She is a wise woman

3. A friend of mine knitted a bacon scarf. How cool is that?
That is really pretty darn cool.

4. Why doesn’t bacon come standard on burgers at all fast food joints? Wouldn’t it be easier for the one or two nutjobs that don’t want it to just request “hold the bacon”?
I have often wondered why bacon was not standard, it is almost a vegetable it goes with so much. Here is the key if the food I am buying typically comes with ketchup, ranch, or cheese, the restaurant in question should assume bacon is standard unless otherwise stated.

5. Canadian Bacon/Back Bacon, while delicious, isn’t actually bacon. Is it delicious enough to be allowed to retain the name of “bacon”?
It is versatile enough and tasty enough, so I say, “Yes”

6. Bacon blowtorch article: check it out and comment!
I saw the popular mechanics article about the “Bacon Lance” (a name that any self-respecting porn producer has already tried to patent). Pure oxygen + Bacon = heat, means that almost 21% oxygen + bacon = love.

7. Bac-Os Bits. Are they really bacon or just pieces of salt dyed brown and formed into chunks to look like bacon?
Bac-Os Bits are an abomination and I will not discuss their vileness here.

8. In the wilds, what other animal do you imagine would taste like pig? (Boars are an unacceptable answer as they are just wild feral pigs.)
Umm… I do believe it is the hippo… or so I am told that they taste like bacon…. When cured… and smoked

9. BLT for dinner, lunch or breakfast?
I don’t so much like the lettuce, so anytime is perfect. I mean toast tomatoes and bacon could describe any number of mealtimes.

10. Why does a 10 cent piece of bacon cost $5 for an order of two slices at Bob Evans or the breakfast place of your choosing?
It is all about convenience. How much do they charge for dry toast?

11. Why is back bacon called Canadian bacon? Don't American pigs have backs?
My guess is that it is healthier, much like Canadians. American pigs do have backs, but much like Americans they also have bigger bellies.

12. Is fatback technically bacon? And knowing about it, will it make SRH want to visit Newfoundland, they survive for 8 months out of the year on that stuff?
Fatback is close to bacon, but not quite bacon. It is good for rendering into soups and red beans and rice and such, but one cannot stack it on a sandwich. Fatback is like the kissing cousin to bacon.

13. How long is it safe to keep bacon in the fridge?
If you have to worry about that you are un-American and should be forcibly expatriated … NAY! Exiled, never to return, as soon as possible. Bacon should never “go bad” in the fridge! It should never have the opportunity!

14. What do you do with bacon fat?
We offer it to whatever gods will take it as an offering in exchange for our cholesterol counts being lowered… if we aren’t making soup.

15. Do you like your bacon dry and crisp or still a little floppy?
I like it on the edge of crisp, but not all dried out, but I would rather have the bacon a bit on the floppy side instead of all dried out and stuff.

16. What ever happened to Sizzlean?
I have no idea. That stuff wasn’t too bad… it wasn’t too good, but It wasn’t too bad

17. Sir Francis Bacon died a poor man after holding a large number of titles in England under Elizabeth I and James I, what’s up with that?
He cooked too long and went from floppy to crisp to dry and brittle. I used Inductive reasoning to come to that conclusion

18. Wendy’s “Baconator?” Umm… what does “To Baconate” mean exactly?
Ummm to put lots of bacon on something? I personally feel that you can use “Bacon” as a verb without the “ate” suffix. Contextual clues let the participant in the conversation know that “bacon” is a verb in the instance without hitting someone over the head with a club. For example, the sentence “Baconate that burger” does not flow as nicely as “Bacon that burger.” It is overkill.

19. How do you know when bacon is done?
You just have to watch it like a hawk. It goes from being almost perfect to ruined in a second.

20. Bacon?
Why, thank you, yes.

To recap:
It is late and I am getting ready for bed soon
Little Man loves him some kindergarten
Had the mini meatloaf from the Cooks Illustrated Skillet Cookbook for dinner tonight
Even without bacon, it was awe inspiring
US versus T&T in World Cup Qualifying tomorrow night
Let's get this done, Yanks!
Since tomorrow is a Wednesday, I will most likely not post anything
I just haven’t been posting on Wednesday’s as of late
Listening to Ain’t No Rest of the Wicked by Cage the Elephant