20 Questions Tuesdasy: 146 - Autumn/Fall 1

Looks like I picked a topic that resonated with the fine folks who send in questions. The topic for this week and next is “Autumn/Fall” I could not choose which name to call it because that is just how I am. Thanks this week go to Guido ( a new questioner), ACW, Capt McArmypants, The-Man-Formerly-Known-As-Lord-Pithy, and Lsig.

So we will get to the questions in just a second. First of all I would like to mention that I was interviewed for this blog, more specifically, here. Thanks to TheMikeStand for a wonderful interviewing process. Soon I will add a nice little icon showing that I was interviewed.

On to the Questions:

1. Is it called Fall because the leaves can't hang onto the trees?
Yes, Timmy, that is why they colloquially call this season “fall.” However, the converse is not true for Winter which should be referred to colloquially as “Frost” or Summer which should be referred to as “Hot-as-monkey-balls!”

2. Do girls named Autumn lose their hair seasonally? And are they required to be redheads?
I think you maybe implying too much seasonality to
the persons named Autumn. Their hair does not “fall” out and if their parents named them Autumn, they should have an Autumnal coloring with reddish/auburn hair and tan overtones on their skin.

3. Would you prefer a gradual dropping of the leaves or have them come down all at once (softly of course)?

I would enjoy seeing all the leaves fall simultaneously. Then there would only be one effort at raking a year. It could be made into a holiday in and of itself.

4. Is Fall the best smelling season of all or what?
I am gonna go with “or what” since I am allergic to leaf mold, and you know what fall smells amazingly like to me? Leaf mold.

5. Allergies worse in the fall? Seems to be the case in my house.
It is like these questions are prescient. My leaf mold kicks in around late September if it was a rainy Fall, otherwise the ragweed in the
summer does me in.

6. Do you celebrate when the mighty have fallen?
Considering that I am not mighty… yes.

7. Why will people name their children Summer or Autumn or even
occasionally Winter, but won't name their kid Fall or Spring?
Well, a kid named Fall will have “trip me” and “kick me” signs all over him and
Spring is a machine part that creates tension… I am not sure I would want a child to have that label as well.

8. Most people notice when the trees actually change colors and think that is the first sign of fall, but for me it will be when I am walking outside and there will be a breeze that is cooler than it should be considering the temperature of the day. What is your favorite Fall indicator?
My favorite one is that breeze you mention. It is best to have the windows open and napping when you feel that breeze.

9. If you were king, would you change the rule to
Spring Back, Fall Back? I know this will eventually result in a reverse of the diurnal, but if I had the power I could not resist the temptation of stealing an extra hour every 6 months. You?
This way people would eventually switch shifts anyway. I really like this idea. Twice a year means that in 6 years the US would be flip-flopped from the rest of the world. It would be like holding onto an archaic measurement system whose units were arbitrary at best.

10. Why is leaf raking an acceptable expected chore? I mean someone TP's your house I think you have an obligation as a good neighbor to clean it up even if it technically isn't your fault. With trees on the other hand, the only tree droppable I think you should be expected to address up is giant dead limbs that block the sidewalk and/or roadway.

Amen. I am allergic to leaf mold, so raking leaves is a chore I do when I want to be out of commission for a full 24 hour period.

11. Be honest, when you hear the word "Fall", there is a voice in the back of your head that sounds oddly kinda like the cartoon ghost of Christmas Future (Black Pete) from the 1980's Disney version of "Christ
mas Carol" that says "Samhain"?
Your question confuses and befuddles me. Yes, at the same time. What I don’t understand is why you don’t have a spooky voice saying “Samhain” even when it is not the fall.

12. Let’s change the name to Drop, OK?


13. Jump into the pile of leaves, or worry about what might be hiding in there?
As a kid I used to ride with a bunch of hooligans in their 8 year old used Audi 5000. In the fall these ruffians and I would drive said Audi 5000 into leaf piles left on the curbs of people’s yards who cared about their yard aesthetic. We would hit the leaves, watch the pile billow over the Audi 5000, and we ne’erdowells would cackle with delight. Until one of those industrious leaf pilers decided to mask a few cement blocks with his leaves. That was a noise we didn’t expect. The cackles of laughter changed to the harmonizing cursing that only the male teens of the 1990’s could produce. So, unless I rake the pile, I consider that there are cement blocks hidden within the Autumnal yard harvest.

14. Favorite autumnal odor?
Umm… burnt sienna

15. S’mores, not just for campfires anymore?

Better in the microwave, because then you can see the marshmallows blow up really big.

16. Why do I love apple cider so much?
Because you want to use mulling spices and have nothing to mull.

17. Do you prefer the poetic sounding "autumn"
or the sort of deadly accurate "fall"?
I like “Autumn” for the sound of the word, but “Fall” for the ease of use.

18. What is your favorite fall food or beverage?
Pumpkin Pie, like that is a real question.

19. I love cool fall weather but I dread the first t
ime the heat comes on because my allergies nearly kill me. Do you have anything you dread about fall?
Fall is the typical hunting season of the Vampire Bear. The Vampire Bear gorges itself on the blood of it’s victims in the fall so the undead behemoth can lay down for its long cold winter’s nap.
They couldn't do this in the winter, the river would be frozen silly
20. What is the best fall holiday?

To Recap:
Q is not asleep right now
Yes, it is after 11:00 pm
That is 2300 to you military types
Still no solid job prospects
I am starting to get a bit downtrodden about the whole jobless thing
I have some design work going on right now, but not enough to make a career out of
Especially since most of it is gratis and the rest is at wholesale hourly rates
Listening to Q play with toys that should be idle right now