20 Questions Tuesday: 152 - Myths and Legends

Here it is Tuesday and the wee ones are feeling better. Yeah, Wee ones! So I get to use the awesome topic of Myths and Legends... mmmm tasty topic!

Thanks this week to ACW, lsig, John P, Nadolny, and Capt McArmypants. On to the questions!

1. Confirm or deny the myth about achieving a ‘balance in life’ and, considering we are fickle human beings, has anyone really attained this?
No one has truly attained this, but its exitence has to be taken on pure faith, but more than faith it has to be taken on Hope!

2. Vampires and werewolves??
I will alter that a little bit, vampires vs. werewolves

3. Yetis??

4. Four-day work week?
That is neither myth nor legend. That, kind sir, is a lie.

5. Name that mythology movie: "Hear me, vain and foolish mortal woman! You dare compare your daughter's beauty to mine, and in my own sacred santuary? You will regret your boast." (Hint: Ask Wifey if you don't know.)
No need to ask Wifey, Clash of the Titans. Harry Hamlin never looked so good.

6. What do you consider the best modern myth/legend adaptation?
I love the 13th Warrior.

7. How do you define the difference between a myth and a legend?
Okay, here is how I see it. Myths have to do with parable stories that have to do with long dead religions. Hero and Leadner, while not part of the Greek pantheon of Gods, still illustrate some aspect of Greek religious ideal. Same with the Norse and Celtic mythologies.

Now Legends are tales that come from antiquity or the long past where people have done something that is not necessarily truly humanly possible. Think, in Americana, Johnny Appleseed, Pecos Bill, and John Henry all did things that truly seem super-human, but they do not have a parable quality where they are attempting to teach some aspect of correct living in regards to a long dead religion.

8. How does one become a living legend?
Duh, do something legendary.

9. I say vampire bears are mythical creatures and do not really exist agree/disagree?
I say, ignore their existence at your own peril.

10. Are legendary moments in sports as common as people claim? I think it is overused now. Jesse Owens yes, your favorite wide receivers 4th quarter catch not so much.
The whole concept of sports legends are over done. No one else has _____ legends. There are no database management legends or cashier legends, why the sports bias?

11. What is your favorite Columbus, Ohio myth/legend? Mine is the jealous ghost of Mary Todd Lincoln down at the Statehouse, and how could anyone be jealous enough of Abe to become a ghost? He was an ugly dude.
I don't know many Ohio ghost stories. I grew up in Alabama where there was a weird little ghost story aboyut some kid named Jefferey. Anyhoo... Lincoln was ugly, but hung like a horse.

12. When does someone move form mythical to legendary status?
I think the shift is from legendary to mythical. The shift happens when the real story has been blown so far out of proportion that it no longer seems that a mere mortal could have accomplished the tale. That is more of a modern interpretation though. In reality i think it has to do with the definitions I answered in question 7.

13. What is your favorite Halloween myth/legend costume?
Hmmm... the Samhain costume where the kid goes all out and actually wears a pumpkin on their head.

14. What do you think will be the most popular myth/legend costume this year, discounting the freakin balloon boy BS.
Vampires, they are the easiest and right now they are the equivalent of what unicorns and rainbows were for 13 year old girls in 1984.

15. So how did the Norse buy off on the Cower Udder theory?
It is clear that they completely tacked this on to their mythology because it is so poorly thought out compared to how Ragnorok unfolds. They really thought out how all the Aesir would go down taking out the giants. There was tension and good story pacing. I am sure they laid out this story of the end of the world and some pencil-necked geek bard asked, "ummm... so how was the world made?" Uh... ummm.. milk from a cosmic cow udder, let's get back to Tyre fighting the Fenris Wolf!

16. So in the 12 labors of Hercules, why would you ask him to clean the stables? I mean at that time 2/3 of the work force were eminently, and often solely, qualified to clean stables. You are going to waste once of the 4 guys capable of killing a hydra on Stables? Why not have him walk around Target with that cane with the tennis ball on the end of it and buff out out the shoe skid marks? I mean even if you got nothing else you have to know at least 12 people you would like to see get their asses kicked in an amusing fashion?
I am not sure where the question is in all of that.

17. How come the guy who made such great stables that they could withstand a river running though them didn't get his own myth for time immemorial? I mean why no love for what was clearly the greatest Brick Fitter in the history ... and pre-history, of mankind? ...wait
I think you answered your question with your question.

18. So how do you think he would stack up against Zack Zack the Lego Maniac the only other Blocky-Fitty-legend-guy?
I think, since interlocking blocks did not really come into their own until the 1970's, I would go with, lets call him Stableocleles. But truth be told, I think Machu Pichu Mel has both Zack Zack the Lego Maniac and Stableocleles.

19. Ok not really from the myth, but in "Clash of the Titans:" 1. Super Cutting Sword that slices through stone, CHECK 2. Magical Helmet that renders its wearer invisible, CHECK 3. Voice activated Mechanical Bird with artificial intelligence, self repair capabilities, and seemingly endless power supply, named Bubo, CHECK. 4. Fairly well polished Shield...... uh...CHECK? So which of these does not belong in the "pantheon" of godly gift giving?
Dude, it was shiny!

20. "Legends of the Fall?"

To recap:
The whole family is well now
Little Man and Q both got their first course of H1N1
That was a traffic jammy mad-house
Man, I need to clean the house
I think there is something wrong with my path
It seems swampy and all mucked up
Listening to the Fresh Beats Band from the DVR
Q loves her some Fresh Beats
Have a great weekend everyone