20 Questions Tuesday: 153 - Illness

Here we are on Tuesday once again. Since this week has been replete with hacking and coughing of a 6 year old and a 17 month old. Oooh it has been lovely.

Anywho... Thanks this week to Sparky and Some Other Guy. With only 2 respondents, there are only 10 questions, but... on to the Questions!

1. When you were a kid, what was the standard ritual when you were sick?
nope. I really liked to be on my own convalescing as best as I could.

2. Who is more illin' - LL Cool J or Eddie Vedder? More a question for Wifey, really. Grr baby, grrr!
LL Cool J. Even though he is hatless on NCIS: LA, he is still yummy... ummmm... at least that's what Wifey says.

3. Finish this sentence please, SRH - "I got the fever for the flavor of....."
Pringles... most definitely Pringles, but I miss the White Cheddar Pringles.... mmmmmmmm

4. Diagnosis - stress. Remedy, dear Dr. SRH?
Mt Dew, Baby!

5. What's your drug of choice?
Mt Dew, Baby!

6. Any yarf?
Yeppers. Saturday night Little Man was coughing so much that he spewed up some stuff. It was lovely, and oddly tainted of root beer.

7. So what was the ailment?
Looks like it is just an annoying virus. Little Man had a fever for a few days and then coughed himself silly Sunday night and monday until we Niqylled his ass. Q had a low fever anf has just been ejecting massive amounts of phlegm. Really quite lovely.

8. Any differences in how you deal with illness vs how Wifey deals with it?
I am a loner. I want to be by myself and left alone until I come up for air and feel better. She wants to be held and rocked until she is doing better. Sometimes our convalescence (if simultaneous) can be counter-productive.

9. You be illin?
Stone cold illin, or should it be illin like a villain, or maybe ill illin'

10. How much laundry do you go through during a kid sickness event?
Ummm... We should go through waaaay more than we do.

To Recap:
Uh... I have some laundry to do
Little Man is going back to school tomorrow
No more coughing for the little guy
Q's nose is still running but it is clear
Listening to Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe on the television
I am falling behind on NaNoWriMo
maybe I can make up the gap a bit tomorrow evening and Thursday