20 Questions Tuesday: 154 - Breakfast Part 1

It is Tuesdy again and that means I am answering questions. This week, I guess the topic resonated with people much better because I got tons of questions to choose from. So many, in fact, that I am extending this topic to next week as well. I know. we haven't had a 2 parter in a while.

Anywho, the topic this week is Breakfast!. Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, TheMikeStand, Lsig, Guido, and Dr B-Dawg. But before I get into the 20 questions I will answer one of the two questions that seemed to be on nearly all 10 people who asked questions list (I will answer the other one next week):

Pizza for breakfast: cold or warmed up?
Well, that is an easy one. Pizza is best cold for breakfast. I highly suggest the left-over Mama Mimi's Mama's Favorite Chicken. The only issue I seem to run into with that selection for morning victuals, is that one cannot eat the whole pizza the night before. That is difficult to say the least.

On to the rest of the questions!

1. What else isn’t just for breakfast anymore?
Ummm... sausage links?

2. Fill in the blank: “A day without __ is like a day without sunshine.”

3. Worst breakfast conversation you ever had?
It was when I was 12 and in Manchester, England for 2 weeks. The "breakfast" that was served to us at the soccer camp was a coffee cake. Now in the States that means a sweet cake that has brown sugar, lots of butter and usually some kind of walnut on top. In Manchester it was a cake with coffee grounds in it. The conversation was with the locals about how happy they were about etting "coffee cake" and then biting into a bitter nasty dry cake.

4. Worst breakfast conversation Howdy Doody ever had?
The one where Bozo the Clown mooned him.

5. How many "breakfast" meals does your family eat outside of breakfast hours (excluding "brunch"), and what are those meals?
We have "breakfast for dinner" every once in a while. That meal consists of sausage and banana nut (when nut allergies are not present) pancakes. Quite tasty and a nice departure from the typical dinner fare.

6. Who, if anyone in your family, wakes up and immediately wants breakfast? (Mountain Dew does not count.)
I try and save my Mt Dew for lunches now. Small victories... Anyway, Little Man is the one who wakes up ravenous. I think it has something to do with his insane metabolism and the tapeworm that he must have.

7. What was your favourite breakfast cereal or food when you were growing up?
I love French toast, as a kid and now, but it is nearly impossible to do without egg. Once Q grows out of that allergy though, I think it might be on the breakfast menu again.

8. Does your family do "sugar cereals"? My impulse buy of Apple Jacks yesterday was met with both joy and derision in my household. Some people need to chill out and let daddy and his boys enjoy some Apple Jacks.
Here is an odd thing about multiple food allergies. Since Little Man was allergic to so many things, when we found anything (and I do mean anything) that he could have (dairy-free, egg-free, and soy-free) we fed it to him. Here s the odd part. Good for you cereals use good for you ingredients including airy for calcium, soy for heart health, but rarely egg. So, what we had left to feed him was the crap sugar cereals. So, in short, yes we "do" sugar cereals, because they helped Little Man survive.

9. Is Wheaties the breakfast of all champions, or just Bruce Jenner?
Just Bruce Jenner, and I am pretty sure he is no longer considered a "champion" of life.

10. What is the best time to eat breakfast, and what do your kids eat for breakfast?
I like breakfast at around 9 am.., and the kids eat around 8 a.m.

11. How long must you go without eating to qualify as a "fast"?
I guess around 6 hours at a minimum if that is what "Breakfast" is all about.

12. Why are pancakes considered a breakfast food? Shouldn't they be dessert?
Nope, sugar is an accepted part of the breakfast time options.

13. Why does IHOP always ask if you want hot syrup, then bring it out 10 minutes before the pancakes arrive, thus rendering it "cool" syrup?
Maybe they should rebrand and call it "tepid syrup."

14. Breakfast can be eaten any time of day (breakfast, lunch or dinner). Why is it so doggone versatile vs. other meal categories?
Because it is typically easier to throw together and usually tastier.

15. Do you drink coffee? If so, how do you like it?
Nope, I like it far away from me.

16. Is breakfast one of the three most underrated meals of the day?

17. Are you more of a sugary or meaty breakfast?
Hmmm... depends on the day. sometimes the right balance of sugar to meat needs to be made. Syrup up those sausages, man!

18. Coffee or tea for morning jolt?

19. Are fruits part of the breakfast start?
They can be. When strawberries are ion season, they can be a nice little morning addition, but in general, no.

20. What is little man's favorite cereal?
He has three favorites that he east as breakfast food and one that is an anytime snack of champions. The three he cycles through are Cap'n Crunch, Frosted Flakes, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The anytime snack is Cracklin Oat Bran... looks like catfood, but tastes like heaven.

To Recap:
The kids are all feeling better
Kick Ass!
Now I am behind on everything that I had to neglect whilst taking care of the ill little ones
I have so much crap to do
And now I have so little time to do it
I have 4.5 illustration left for a client
I have a bunch of web stuff for another client
Now I need to button down and do it!
In fact, now I have to get drawing some more
Right now
In fact, I am not going to link anything this time
I am a busy man, Damnit!
Especially before the family shows up on Monday
Listening to the constant annoying humm of the baby monitor