20 Questions Tuesday: 156 - First Days...

Well, Tuesday has snuck up on me once again. Eeek, it is late and I have not compiled the answers to the questions I have gotten!

Thanks this week to AllRileyedUp, Belsum, Nadolny, Wifey, and Some Other Guy. The topic is First Day... On to the questions!

1. Do you have an outfit picked out?
Yup. Green casual slacks, brown t-shirt, with a blue Nautica pull-over. I am quite thoughtful. (yes, I said "slacks")

2. Are you looking forward to it or will you miss your free time?
A little of Column A and a little of Column B

3. Did you go out and splurge on a 'i got a new job' dinner celebration?
I bit of one. We tried when I accepted the job, but that fell flat due to what time we went out, and this weekend we went to Outback for some celebrations. The real celebration was when I got home from Day 1 to a wonderfully homemade meal.

4. If JOB was an acronym, what would it stand for?
Just Off Base

5. Even though job and book of 'Job' are pronounced differently, is it someone's idea of a sick joke to have those be the same word?
The almighty Yahweh is quite the jokester.

6. Did you freak out on Little Man’s first day of kindergarten?
Not too much. He had been going to multiple pre-schools, so it wasn't too much of a change. Now, that I am working, though, I am missing him terribly.

7. Do you try to make an impression on your first day of a new job or blend in and get your bearings?
Again, a little of Column A and a little of Column B. I don't want to make waves, but I also want the ladies to notice me.

8. First day as a father: how quickly did you process your new role in life?
I am still processing it. This whole parenthood thing is way more than I could have ever been ready for or able to process.

9. I was shacked up before marriage so there was essentially no change on the first day post wedding. How ‘bout for you?
We too had been quasi-living together, so that aspect of our relationship was not a "new" thing. However, we did consciously decide to be apart for the month prior to marriage. So I moved out of the apartment that she and her mom were in and rented the apartment that she and I would have to begin our lives together.

10. Do you get buyer’s remorse on the first day after a big purchase or does it take a while to set in?
It takes a while.

11. So on your second day, there was a news article on your employers new building in the paper. You weren't in charge of reporting that on day one were you? :)
I was not in charge of that. It was just very fortuitous for me to be there and see the press conference.

12. Describe your first day of school (skip preschool, go directly to Kindergarten, do not pass go, do NOT collect $200)
It was a long time coming. I was able to get away from my emotionally smothering mother...

13. What did you do for your first date with wifey. I know, this is first day, but date starts with day when pronounced phoentically.
Our first official date was at East Side Marios, of which Wifey doesn't quite remember very well, and no, no alcohol was consumed at said date.

14. What happened to those Phoenicians?
Did you see the movie 300? Well prior to getting their asses handed to them in a sling by the Spartans, the Assyrians bitch slapped Phoenicia. (I did not take time to check this, so someone correct me if I am wrong).

15. How many questions did you get for your first day back to the blogaroony?

16. How is this first day of work like the first day of Kindergarten?
Well, no one knows how to play nice and everyone has issues sharing. So I hope we have a good teacher. I miss recess though...

17. Made any new friends?
Well.... I am kind of an island of my own at this place. I don't quite fit in any of the silos that seem to exist in this environment. The workforce there (many of it) are tenured and entrenched in their ways.

18. Was the second day a good day?
Yes and no. In many ways it was very good because I am getting a better picture of what is going on, and bad for the same exact reason... there is just so much going on there that I don't know.

19. Do you need a data phone so you can stay connected with the Internets whilst at work?
You may be on to something.... maybe a Google Phone... Let's be clear, Wifey will get a data phone prior to me.

20. How much effort will it take to make you office area look like it is yours?
A whole bunch. I do not have any walls to speak of and the surfaces that are associated with my 3/4 height cube walls are not conducive to holding things... I need to get a desk-lamp and some books in there to make it my own. Pics of the fam will be nice as well. As it is though, it looks like I am visiting and have just taken over a workstation for a second. I think I will look like I belong there by March.

To recap:
Job is going well
I need to figure out how to fit in
That is on me, not them
I need to mop the kitchen floor before bed tonight
And take out the trash
Wifey has a meeting here tomorrow
It is beyond time that this house looks better
It seems that I was the thing holding it back
I got to work for 2 days and the downstairs is clean
Go figure
Listening to Woman by Wolfmother