20 Questions Tuesday: 157 - Mornings

On this snowy Tuesday it comes to me once again that I need to post this post before it looses its 20 Questions Tuesday moniker. 20 Questions Wednesday just sounds weird.

Anywho.... Since I have been unemployed for the year, I developed some pretty lazy habits. Waking up in the morning was necessary, but mainly just so I could get Little Man to school on time. It did not really require me to completely wake the brain up. Now that I am be-jobbed, I find myself have to do things in the morning.... yuck. Therefore today's topic is "Morning."

Thanks this week go to Nadolny, John P, Lord Pithy, and Some Other Guy

on to the questions!

1. The boring question. How not a morning person are you?
On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6 am and 10 would kill you and crawl into you dead husk to sleep 5 more minutes, I would say that I am probably a 6. I am grouchy in the morning.

2. Best thing about mornings?
Breakfast food... if you have time for the good stuff

3. Do you creepily stare at your wife in the monring until she wakes up and screams after seeing you?
No... but maybe I should. That is hilarious.

4. What time is work commencement now? How's the commute time looking?
I should be at work at 8 am. The commute is about 15 miles and I get there in about 20 minutes if it is not snowing like today. Today it took 40 minutes.

5. Drinking Dew in the morning to get ready for work or are you going to be an adult and starting drinking coffee?
If drinking coffee is what defines someone as an adult, I am still a child... and they have a fountain machine here with Mountain Dew.... the habit is worse than ever.

6. Are you or Wifey taking the Little Man to school in the mornings?
Wifey is. Little Man has to be at school at 8:45 in the morning and that is 45 minutes after I got to work.

7. In my honest opinion morning people stink please digress...
The issue with mornings is that morning people are really annoying about them. They wonder why you don't like mornings and they talk about how wonderful mornings are and how you should enjoy them. Do you know what most night owls do? They let morning people sleep and do stuff without bothering them.

8. Are you a "morning person"?
Fuck no.... um I mean, Heck no!

9. Should perky morning people be shot or just beaten into misery like those of us who are night owls?
Beaten into misery.

10. The early bird catches the worm but I want to know who gets the prime rib and fries.
My wife.

11. What is too early in the morning in your opinion?
At the moment 8 am.

12. Do mornings start much worse than with the question, “Guess who?”?
I cannot think of many things that would make a start of a morning worse.

13. Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day, or is it all egg council PR BS?
It can be the tastiest... I understand the sentiment behind the idea. This is the foundational meal of the day. The meal that gives you energy to start things out and it trains the body to not go into a famine mode where it stores everything you eat, however, it is supposed to happen pretty soon after you wake up, and honestly, I have places to be by then.

14. If the sun didn’t come up until between morning and noon, would it be called norning or moon?
I believe it would still be called sunrise.... like it is now.

15. Mourning and morning... homophones for a reason?
Yes, yes they are. Morning causes mourning for many

16. Favorite breakfast food:
French toast with cinnamon in the batter and lightly dusted with powdered sugar before being buttered and syrup-ed. Pair up 3 slices of that with 4 slices of bacon and you have a winner.

17. Morning juice?
I thought we already covered this. My morning juice comes from the Mountain Dew tree... freshly squoze.

18. Do you have any morning rituals?
Aside form hitting the snooze button as much as I can and then racing so I am not late for work... no.

19. What is the worst part of the morning?
The whole.

20. Any nastiness on your morning commute?
No, not really. It is a pretty straight forward shot down a freeway. I am lucky because it is the reverse commute so the traffic is not that bad.

To recap:
Wifey is out of town tonight
The bed-time ritual is difficult solo
Whenever she is out of town, my respect for single parents reaches new highs
I am still gainfully employed
It is week 2
They decided to keep me so far
We will see when it gets to week 3
Gotta chace Q around with a spoon
Listening to Fa Fa Fa by Datarock