20 Questions Tuesday: 158 - Winter Olympics

So the XXI Olympic Winter Games are upon us and therefore the topic for this week just jumped up and smacked me in the face. Topics are sometimes like that. So without further ado... thanks this week to ACW, Nadolny, John P, Dr B Dawg, Guido, and Wifey. On to the Questions!:

1. El Niño has been a bastard to the weather in Vancouver – do you think they’ll ever get the Alpine events in?
I do, but it is interesting how warm this Olympiad will be. Next year when it is a la Niña year will be the cold and snowy year.

2. Any thoughts on a forced-retirement for Al Michaels?
I would think at some point he would want to walk away. Except for the fact that this way he gets to go to the Olympics for free. Costas is clearly going to be his replacement, but he needs to hang up the boots soon too. Where are the new young sportscasters anyway?

3. Vonn – rowrrrr! Enough said
Funny you should say this. I follow the Onion (@TheOnion) on Twitter and this was one of the tweets from Sunday:
BREAKING: Bob Costas Claims U.S. Women's Hockey Team The Most Fuckable In History

See how I brought this question together with the previous question? This isn't my first dance.

4. Is Little Man getting into the games? What sport does Little Man want to try now that he is watching the games?
He is indeed. The thing that really kills me about this though is that the first thing that he saw from the Olympics was the footage of the Georgian Luger's crash. So his first exposure the Winter Olympics was of someone dying. Brilliant TV there NBC. Jackasses. That being said, he really doesn't want anything to do with most of the games other than spectating.

5. Does Casa Del SRH decorate for the Olympics? Really?
Nope. Can I say that to celebrate the Olympics we stop cleaning the house months in advance? 'Cause If a mess of a house is your idea of decor though, then maybe we do.

6. Since you are a fountain of information, or at least your google fu is high, give us a brief history of the Olympics.
This is the 21st installment of the Winter Games. Previous to this Hockey was played as an event in the regular Olympics. That brief enough for ya?

7. Do you think the Lightning Thief movie was put out right now to be in conjunction with the Olympics?
Nope. I think they put it out right now because it does not have enough buzz to sustain it in the summer blockbuster period or the holiday period, but it could fair well enough in the slow movie season that is Feb, March, and April.

8. Speaking of that, how many of these remakes are they gonna do? The classic Greek movies were great and the remakes, on the whole, just suck it.
There is not a single new idea in Hollywood at the moment. The best we can hope for is franchise reboots like Star Trek.

9. If you were in an Olympic event, which would you be? Little Man, Q, wifey?
Me: Probably biathlon
Little Man: Short track speed skating, or the long track sprints
Q: Too young to tell, but maybe ice dancing
or we could all be a bobsled team.... now that is an Olympic event. The Family Bobsled Competition....

10. 3 part question: A)Did you or a friend have a Commodore 64 and if so B) did you have the copied disk for winter games? C)Do you know anyone that actually purchased a game for the Commodore 64?
A) A friend
B) Yes
C) Yes

11. What Olympic sport do you see yourself competing in if physical prowess and money for training were a given?
Either the biathlon or 4 man Bobsled

12. Why is Yeti wrestling not in the Winter Olympics?
Yetis are foul smelling baby-eaters who recognize wrestling only as a tactic for foreplay. No one wants to wrestle the horny baby eating bastards of stink.

13. Do you consider the Winter Olympics the coolest of the Olympics?

14. Life or death situation, would you mogul or would you just say go ahead and say shoot?
Both would end up with me dying, so I would at least try the moguls.

15. So if the luge is dangerous going feet first, why haven't they interviewed the Skeleton riders. Or are those athletes occupied due to soiling themselves constantly about the track.
I am not sure they can find any of the Skeleton riders... They are all in hiding... hiding from the scary scary race track

16. Did you enjoy the opening ceremonies?
I thought the organizers did a good job of including the First Nations into the opening ceremonies, but I also felt that they could have done something with a flaming hockey puck and Gretzky to light the flame since he is a Canadian hero and Hockey is the national past-time.

17. If you had grown up somewhere besides Alabama, what "winter sports paradise" state would you have preferred?

18. Which of the events would you not classify as a "sport"?
Curling... it is however an event.

19. I know what winter olympic sport you would want to do - bobsled, duh - what one wouldn't you ever want to do?
Ski jump.

20. What is so fascinating about curling? I really need to know. I'll watch that sport every time.
There is something to the everyman-ness of it. We all think that we could be out there doing that. I can sweep a broom, I can slide rocks.

To recap:
Anyone else watching Caprica? I am ready for some more compelling action
Wifey and the kids are holed up in the house today
There is snow everywhere
Yep, even there
I am quite hungry
Getting my interviewin skilz on for next week's 20 Questions Tuesday
Me neither, but it does mean that the questioneers don't have to come up with anything
Yeah, Questioneers, put that in your crack pipe and smoke it
I got fixed and didn't even know I was broken
Listening to a typewriter, oddly enough