20 Questions Tuesday: 165 - Spring Break Baby! WOOOOOO

This week, Little Man is on his spring break. That, of course, means that we have shipped him down to Panama City to get drunk with the college students and dance on tables.

Anyhoo... since it is his spring break, I figured that would be a fun topic for today's 20 Questions Tuesday. Alas and alack I was horribly incorrect. I have only gotten 16 questions from my intrepid questioneers and therefore I have had to create 4 questions for myself regarding the concept of Spring Break. Thanks do go to Dr John P, Capt McArmypants esq, and Wifey for sending in some questions.

On to the questions:
1. What is the wildest place you have ever been for Spring Break?
Hmmm.... I was not much of a Spring Breaker. It was an opportunity to go home and visit the family more than a moment for quiet reflection and drunken debauchery. Since I went to school 12 hours away from home, Spring Break was a trip home more than anything else. And as a kid, my parents always used spring break as a time to visit their families. So many of my spring breaks as a kid were either in Akron, Ohio or in Retirementville, Florida, and when I was in college my spring breaks were in exotic Center Point, Alabama. I led a wild and crazy life.

2. Would college kids find Spring Break as much fun without alcohol?
Nope. Although I think a placebo effect could be easily manufactured by giving college kids a beverage and telling them it was alcoholic. I think that the college kids use the alcohol as a bit of a crutch. It is a excuse to be uninhibited.

3. I want to take a Spring Break next year what do you recommend?
Banff or Glacier National Park in the Cananada.

4. Please list the probabilty of me actually taking that Spring Break...

5. Is there a Fall Break or is that just Thanksgiving?
There really isn't a fall break because of the length of the school year. The closest equivalent would be Thanksgiving Break. Honestly, I don't understand why that isn't just a week off anyway. I don't ever remember anything interesting or useful happening in that 3-day school week.

6. Break from what really?
For Little Man? A break from all that annoying work stations. He has to keep a rolling schedule of 12 work stations going. This week, one work station, salt mining.

7. .....er springs break? Don't they usually just loose their tensile strength until stop being "springy" I imagine it would be more of a spring snap anyway?
Kind of like a "spring failure" instead of break... hmmm... how many people go on spring break and are failures.... I think "failure" and "break" could be lumped together fairly often.

8. When you were a kid didn't they call it AEA Week?
Only in Alabama and only until about '85. It was called AEA because it was the Alabama Education Association conference of teachers. Teacher's were supposed to meet at the time and do teacherly stuff, but no one did, so eventually they just astarted calling it Spring Break like everyone else in the US.

9. I skipped about 15 years of MTV Spring Break coverage. When I left off watching, "the pool" was full of hot hotties and ripped dudes. A brief scanning of last year's MTV Spring Break coverage indicates that the entire college age population has gotten tubby to the point that I would be unable to figure out which one of these kids regularly got picked last in PE. What up with that?
It is all the texting. OMG Their thumbs are amazing though.

10. Every year some damn fool idiot manages to fall off his balcony. Shouldn't we be putting breathalyzers on the sliding glass doors by now?
Culling the heard... culling the heard.

11. Why don't adults get a spring break?
Adult teachers do, that is part of the reason their profession is not respected a ton. The other reason they are not respected is the fact that everyone has had a crap teacher that they hated, and that taints their whole view of teachers whether they know it or not.

As for other jobs... businesses can't shut down for a whole week especially if they are service related.

12. Where would you like to go for Spring Break?
I would love to visit me some mountains. I would rather go hiking than walking on the beach any day.

13. Spring Break - yet another pagan holiday taken over by the Christians. Why do they do that? And how come the school systems don't recognize the same Christian calendar? I'm flummoxed.
Listen, the assimilation of pagan cultures was a Papal mandate from the early Catholic church. This was best shown through the Emperor Constantine and his appropriation of the Roman Centurion week of rest known as Florum Septimanae. There is no reason to put Christ in the Florum Septimanae.

14. What is the family doing for spring break this year?
Well, the family is hanging out and I am going to work. Next year, when I have vacation accrued, maybe we will do something fun.

15. How does this differ from other weeks of the spring?
Well... Little Man doesn't have to spend anytime getting ready to go to school in the morning right now. Come Monday....

16. I was on the oval today at OSU. It was as wild - as many bikinis - as Daytona Beach. except in Ohio... which makes it not nearly as cool. Which is not a question, I guess. More an observation. Spring break on the Oval at OSU is not cool. Your thoughts?
Ummm... I don't remember that really being a "not cool" event when I was in grad school at OSU.

17. Did you know there is a website called "Food Network Humor". Really, there is. and...uh...will you watch it over spring break? (Good tie in, huh?)
Well done, Wifey, well done. Nope, I will not watch it, and remember, just because a site has "humor" in the title does not mean it is funny.

18. So, any young blond chicks gonna get national attention for being killed on a Caribbean Island this year?
Most likely. However the young black chick choked out by her boyfriend in NJ will not get any airplay. What?!? Was that too cynical?

19. Have there ever been any shark outbreaks during a spring break week?
I would love to see the amalgamation of Discovery Channel's Shark Week and MTV's Spring Break. That is the best idea ever!

20. So, 20 Questions on the topic of Spring Break. Tough, huh?
You have no idea, oh wait, you do.

To recap:
Listening to the Current Geek podcast...
I am such a geek
But I loves me some new science stuff kind of things
Any podcasts I should be paying attention to?
Traveling to Austin, Texas on Friday
Meeting up with Dr B Dawg and Capt McArmypants esq
It is going to be awesome
I am really looking forward to seeing them
And looking forward to some Bar-B-Que
Mmmmmmmm Bar-B-Que