20 Questions Tuesday: 166 - Movie Remakes or Desserts

After last week’s 20 Questions Tuesday about spring break I received and email from Capt McArmypants. The conversation went thusly:
Capt McArmypants at 10:15 AM (22 hours ago)
to me
I have to admit. It was awfully hard to come up with 5 questions about Spring Break. I wish I had thought up Wifey's "will you watch it" angle. Perhaps it is time to start running your topics through

Mmmmmpig at 10:20 AM (22 hours ago)
to Capt McArmypants
it was difficult indeed... her question about the Christians co-opting spring break was brilliant though

so what should next week's be?

Capt McArmypants at 11:16 AM (21 hours ago)
to me
movie remakes or desserts

Mmmmmpig at 11:44 AM (21 hours ago)
to Capt McArmypants
that is what it shall be then
So..... This week's 20 Questions Tuesday will be on the topic of Movie Remakes or Dessert. Thanks this week go to Nadolny, Dr John P, Atmikha, Belsum, and Some Other Guy. On to the Questions:

1. Opinion of the movie desert remake "Flight of the Pheonix" (couldn't think of a movie remake with desserts, so that's as close as I could get).
I think the commercial power of that film gives an accurate representation of my opinion. I didn't see it and will default to the 6 or 10 that imbd has given it with the review starting out with "instantly forgettable."

2. Not a remake, but word on the street (that would be the internet tube laden streets) is that the Indiana Jones franchise will be making another one with Harrison Ford. I'm on the fence with this one. On on hand, I think Sean Connery could have done Bond for another 15 years without a problem and Ford might be in that same category, but then again, he looked pretty damn old in the last one to be doing heroic action, thoughts?
I think the whole franchise should be re-booted and Harrison Ford should play the part of Belloq.

3. Which tv series remakes strike your fancy? that is if you have a fancy, wait, pretend I didn't say fancy.
A-Team.... I cannot wait for this train wreck of a movie. When they have someone who is not an actor acting like someone else who is not an actor.... it is meta-not-acting.

4. Just saw the Clash of the Titans remake. Special effects were awesome but the original's stop motion animation just made it more likable for me, agree or disagree?
I agree, because there is a wonderful ability to not take itself seriously. There was a incrongruity between the level of integration for the FX and the crap story.

5. If they ever do a remake of Flash Gordon they sure as hell better make the sequel. I am still waiting to find out what happend to that ring. Does this cause you to lose sleep at night as well?
I have lost no sleep over Flash Gordon and unresolved plots concerning rings.

6. Any remakes you think were better than the originals?
Most the remakes I can think of suck... except the Star Trek reboot.

7. If you could direct/produce a remake what would it be and whom would it star?
MacGyver, and the main role would go to Ben Browder (you look him up) and the main bad-guy would be Richard Dean Anderson.

8. Best dessert you have ever had? Not just the type but the exact dish and place that would not be able to be replicated.
The best dessert I have had is very replicable. I would have to choose from 2 different things to get the truly best.

Dessert the first is the homemade variety: The Dreaded Pudding Desert. It is a 4 layer pan desert that could very well kill you. Walnut crust, Chocolate pudding, cream cheese, and whipped cream.

Dessert the second is the Cheesecake Factory's Vanilla Bean Cheesecake.... mmmmmmm cheesecake

9. Do sequels count as remakes?
Not quite, unless they re-tell the previous story within the sequel story.

10. Name 3 "re-makes" that were an improvement on the original film.
Hmmm.... Oceans Eleven, The second Ten Commandments by DeMille, and A Walk in the Clouds because I can lord it over my wife.

11. What is it about Mt Dew that makes it stand out from all the other "white" sodas?
It is the fruity caffeine.

12. Which Willy Wonka?
I like both of them for different reasons. One is a kids' movie and the other has a more believable Wonka.

13. If you had to choose between eating bread pudding every day for a year, or watch another remake of Superman, which would it be?
Superman remake hands down. Only 2 to 3 hours required and that way I would not tire of bread pudding.

14. I actually really like the Lindsey Lohan Parent Trap. It’s on cable all the time though. I suspect that’s part of it. Hayley Mills rules. Did you know her son Crispian was in Kula Shaker? Did you ever see any of the Parent Trap TV movie sequels from the 80s?
No, I did not know anything about Crispian or watch any of the Parent Trap TV movie sequels.

15. I saw a preview of the Last Airbender this weekend. It looks totally cool. I haven’t ever seen the cartoon though. So does it count as a remake? Or is it an adaption? Or a “re-imaging”? Do those things actually mean something different or have we just become accustomed to BS studio jargon?
I think it is considered a "live action" version and outside of cannon.

16. I get a sore throat if I eat too much fudge. Why is that?
Might be a mild cocoa allergy, but most likely it is due to eating fudge like a duck. Chew then swallow, the fudge ain't going anywhere.

17. Do you believe in the parental “Fruit totally counts as dessert. No really, I swear. I’m not making this up” line we all got growing up? Have you tried to perpetrate it yourself?
I have never believed that and I don't necessarily foist that upon the kids.

18. Choose between your favorite desert and your favorite movie?
Well, since a desert is a arid region without a certain level of precipitation I will choose my favorite movie. By the way, my favorite desert is the Gobi.

19. Pudding or Star Wars?
Vanilla or Butterscotch? And what episode: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6?

20. So has Hollywood lost all of it's creativity? Everything is a remake these days
I know, how hard is it to create a new dessert? Sweet Jebus! Let's look at some new dessert combos! Peanut butter and chocolate has been done!

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