20 Questions Tuesday: 168 - Waking Up

This is the second week of the revitalized bloggarooney.  Wifey’s job has her in New York City this week, with a stunning bit of work surrounding the idea of altering the conversation of social justice... I, however, am watching progress meter slowly creep across the screen letting me know about the database I am helping to create of all the transportation infrastructure geology bore-hole locations... One of us changing the world...One of us is not changing the world... I think I would be good at changing the world

Anyway, with the revitalization of the blog, the topic this week is “Waking Up,” because in many ways that is what I am looking to do.  Too long have I been the dormant giant softly slumbering... or loudly snoring the sweet slumber song of a sleep-apneiac sasquatch (more likely)

Anywho... Thanks this week go to Lsig, Brett Wood, Bomber, and Some Other Guy... On to the questions:

1.  When do you typically wake up on weekdays?
I typically get up anywhere between 5:30 and 6 am... way too early, if you ask me.  

2.  Any appreciable difference on weekends?
I can sleep til about 7:30 before kids wake me up.  Sometimes, Wifey will allow me to sleep into 9... oh, glorious 9

3.  Do your kids wake up happy or grumpy?
If we have to wake up the little urchins, they tend to be rather grumpy.  However, if we let them wake up on there own, they are happy and joyous like unicorns riding rainbows.

4.  To what problem or issues does the US population most need to wake up?
Moderation in all... even moderation.  Can you actually have moderation in ALL things?  I am sure someone has asked that before.

5.  Please describe the general waking up of your last undergrad roommate.
well, Ksig was my final college room mate and I have never met anyone who was more angry at the world for having his sleep ruined.  Seriously, he was angry... like a short faced bear (Google it your damn selves or watch some Ice Age mega fauna documentaries you uneducated boobs).

6.  What goes through your mind when you wake up?
The first and most consistent thought I have is “Already?!?”

7.  When will people finally wake up?
I bet this is what 2012 is about, not the end of days, but our collective human waking up.

8.  If you woke up and didn't know who you were what would you do?
Well, since I am living in the future, I would look at my location on my smart phone.  If I did not have any signal, I would take an inventory of what was around me and start trying to figure it out.

9.  If you could wake up as anyone throughout history who would it be and why?
I think I would love to have awakened as one of the astronauts that got to the Moon.  It think it would have been incredible to wake up and see the Earth

10.  What happens when people never wake up?
They are in a coma.

11. Caffeine of choice?
Still to this day the wonderful elixir, my Green Mistress, Mountain Dew

12.  Breakfast or no?
I tend to have a very light breakfast.  Yogurt and a granola bar.

13.  Time that elapses between crawling out of bed and crawling into cubicle?
30 to 45 minutes... pending on how many times I reset the alarm.

14.  Dunkin’ Donuts, Krispy Kreme or Tim Horton’s?
Really?  That isn’t even a question.  Krispy Kreme... oh Krispy Kreme... you are an evil place filled with wondrous temptations.  I am sure my Canadian friends are confused by my non Tim Horton's answer.

15.  First thing you do when you face your computer at work?  
Well, after quietly weeping at all the failure of my life, I log into my PC and then eat my yogurt and weep some more.  Silent tears of someone who has given up on his dreams and decided that small failures are in some ways a form of success.  Then it is time for the granola bar.

16.  Which is worse... sleepy crud in the eye or stuffed up nose?
I prefer the crud in the eye... even if it has sealed my eye closed.  Typically once you have cleared your eyes, it is over.  The stuffed up nose thing stays with you until meds kick in.

17.  Best breakfast?
Okay, I know I shit on my family on a regular schedule, but seriously.  I love when my mom would make French toast for me before school.  Seriously, It started out the day just right.  Is that the best breakfast I have ever had, prolly no, but it is the one for which I am most nostalgic.

18.  So, the breakfast meats: bacon, Canadian bacon, ham, sausage links, and sausage patties, brought to you here in alphabetical order.  Please place them in taste order.
In many ways it depends on the sausage (link & patty), but in general.... sausage links, bacon, Canadian bacon, sausage patties, and then ham... this is, of course, assuming you mean consuming the breakfast meat on the side, not as part of a greater breakfast concoction such as a omelet or some kind of breakfast casserole.  If that is the question the answers get all crazy jumbled up.

19.  Do you get everything ready before going to bed, so all you have to do when you wake up is get ready and go, or do you run around like a crazy person after waking up just trying to get ready in time to get to work promptly?
I want to be the “get everything ready the night before” guy, but I tend to be the “run around like a crazy person” type of guy.

20.  The alarm you use... radio, some kind of militaristic klaxon, or something else?
I used to use the “harp” default setting on the iPhone, but I have had to go to the “xylophone” which is just a bit louder than the harp.

To recap:
Wifey gets back in town on Thursday
It is only Tuesday
Tonight's menu: Pork Loin, Green Beans, and Cous Cous
I should have taken a picture
I have recently reduced the number of podcasts that I listen to
I found it was hard to keep up with the 45 hrs a week I was doing
I mentioned the boring job, yes?
I have some on-going interviews at the moment with some people you may have heard of
You may not have heard of them, but you should have
If anyone wants to get me a gift, might I suggest Copic Markers?
Love those damn things
Anyone doing anything fun?
Me, not so much
Have a great week and weekend everyone