20 Questions Tuesday: 167 - "Where have you been?"

Well... Hello there.  It has been a good long time since I posted last, because there were some things going on that I didn’t feel comfortable blogging about, and they were consuming all of my energy.  Guess what... those things have removed themselves somewhat, and now I have some more energy and some renewed interest in using this venue as a creative outlet.

So, I apologize for the hiatus, and I will bore you no longer with details of such.  Instead, thanks this week go to Military Modeller, Nadolny, Lsig, Capt. McArmypants esq, and Dr B-Dawg.

On to the questions!  for some reason, Blogger is not so happy with the bold today... formatting issues are the bane of my existence.
1.  It was talk like a pirate day yesterday - where were you when you learned this?
I was looking on the Internet like I do every day.... wait, I know what you want to hear.  Yar, I be lookin tru de Int-arrrrr-nets, for me normal tales to grok... grok!?!  It’s Talk like a Robert Heinlein Pirate Day!

2.  Have you made it to a Crew game since the last 20 Questions'?
Yep, I got to see them unzip the Colorado rapids a few months ago.  June 26, Columbus 4 to Colorado 1.  I got to watch the game with some good friends that I am really just now getting to know... Canadians, the lot of them, well... one is a Limey Canuk

3.  Job, what's the sitch?
I currently have a state job in Ohio, of which many people focused on for many a week early this summer due to the Union busting tendency of the current gubernatorial adminsitration.  I the end, this means that the typical safety of having a “state job” has eroded beyond belief.  Things are in flux here and I am again worried about keeping another job.  Yea! Recession!

4.  How's daddyhood to a little girl treating you different than that to Little Man?
It is great, I have not noticed much difference just yet between how I have to parent the two kids.  Q likes LEGOs and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Captain Rex is dreamy!)about as much as Little Man.

5.  Any vacations in your absence?
Not anything amazing, there was a good bit of unemployment going on during the absence. It is difficult to pay for a vacation whilst unemployed.  That being said, I am sure someone, somewhere did go on vacation, so I can give a solid "yes" to that question... We did get to visit Lsig and Ksig for a nice long weekend, which was wonderful.

6.  Leads on selling the house?  Buying a new one?  We want you good folks here in Colonial Hills to class up the place a bit and raise home values.  Ok, Dr Clean and I just want another gamer in the neighborhood to play board games :)
Nope, nothing going on housewise.  The house is on the market, mind you, but this market is a shit market for sellers.  So we have not really looked super seriously at someplace new because we have not had any interest in our house.  Once we get some interest in the house, we will need to decide whether to move out of our larger neighborhood into your neighborhood.

7.  Why only 20 questions, I mean, you've been gone a long time, don't you think we are more curious than that?
I have soooome time, not tons of time.  It still takes time to do this.   

8.  Are you “A Potted Plant” on Facebook?
In a word, yes.  I am one of the many “A Potted Plant”s on the Facebook.  I am the funniest one though.

9.  What is the longest flight you've ever been on?
From Munich to Newark way back in summer 1992.  I sat next to an absolute disaster of a human.  He was filthy and mumbled like he had recently had a labotomy.... (I’m looking at you Capt. McArmypants....) Truth be told, I was pretty disheveled myself.  I just was annunciating properly.

10.  What was your best-ever vacation?
hmmm.... Best ever, would be the Rocky Mountains trip we made in 2004-ish.  Wifey knows the actual date, but me no think good like that.

11.  Which fictional world would you most like to visit?
Rakhat from the book “The Sparrow”, but I would want to go there with a small squad of soldiers and explorers instead of a few Jesuits

12.  Is there a place you went as a kid that you'd like to take your children?
Walt Disney World.  I think the kids would dig it something fierce.

13.  What is the biggest change in your life since the blog went kaput?
Hmmm... I have been humbled in many ways... that and I have started trying to take care myself more.  I got up to a whopping 250 lbs, and have been fighting my way back down.  I have lost 17 lbs in the last 5 months.  I would like to get back down to somewhere around 200 - 210 lbs-ish.  

14.  Does nobody know the troubles you seen?
Nobody knows the trouble I seen, nobody knows, but Wifey....

15.  How many countries have you visited and which was your favorite?
I have only been to England, Scotland, and Germany in the Europe, and Canada and the US in North America.  As far as the favorite, it would be a tie between England and Canada for different reasons.  England for the massive historicness  and Canada (mainly NS) because it feels almost like it could be a second home.

16.  Why are you there?
Why aren’t you?

17.  There are rumors that your blog was placed on hiatus due to photos of you and Charlie Sheen together. Care to comment?
No Comment... next question! Nope, there is no truth to that.  the most famous person I have ever met was the comedian, Sinbad back in 1988 (He was wearing a pair of black and white tiger striped Zubaz workout pants and an ill-fitting t-shirt {don’t know whjat “Zubaz” is, you damn kids? Google it your damn self and get off my lawn!})

18.  Will you be rebooting your blog with a new #1, including a new costume and origin story?
Nope this is coming in at 167... I don’t want to get rid of all that continuity just to get a few new readers.

19.  Were you building a safehouse for the upcoming Mayan prediction of the world ending in 2012, and if so, is this blog merely taunting us with your level of preparedness?
The Mayans did not predict an end of the world.  The Mayans simply didn’t chisel more of the calendar after getting to the equivalent of 2012 in our current calendar system.  It isn't like they wrote "boom" or something after 2012.  Our concept of time is erroneous and completely manufactured.  Time is not a series of little quantized discrete units it is one continuous field that loops back in and out of itself.      

20.  What advice would you give the 4/13/2010 version of you?
This too shall pass.

Bonus Question:  Let's look forward, where are you going? (philosophy 101 style)
Things are only going to get better.  I am on the way up, baby!

To recap:
Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose
Better stuff is to come!
I actually have some interviews in the works  with some crazy ass people
Oh, the blog is going from PG-13 to R, BTW
Every once in a while I love to drop an F-Bomb
OK, most of the time
Many many things are different, as long as you define different as “about the same”
Still watching progress bars slowly travel across the screen
Podcasts get me through the day
Got to suck it up to work, yo!
Check it!
love me the Twitters
Look me up @mmmmmpig