20 Questions: 249 - Summer

We are at day 8 of 11 sans Wifey.  The kids are wearing rags, and if it were not for ketchup packets, I am sure they would be starved husks of dessicated mummies. Dessicated husks in burlap rags.  Looking forward to coming home, Honey….

Actually, all is going well.  The kids have decided that camping out in the playroom is a nice alternative to their typical bunk bed situation, and I am dutifully making them their favorite meals that their mama and I don’t like too much, because well, without gluten, what’s the point of eating anyway…. Oh Dear God I want a nice French Baguette.  Ummm… anyway… Since this week ushers in the first Days of Summer, the topic this week is “Summer.”  That sentence was repetitive and redundant, at the same time.


Thanks this week go to Lord pithy, Lsig, Nadolny, Chris Ring, and Ralph Harbison.  Onto the questions!

1.  Not counting Summer Glau, what is your favorite quality of summer?

Even though I am a night person, I like how long the days are.


2.  Given the power to control the weather, describe your perfect summer day.

80° F (26-27° C), partly cloudy, with a steady breeze.


3.  In my day (cue sepia-toned flashback and scratchy Victrola jazz), ideal summer days were filled with barefoot-running down grassy hills, wading in the creek, and looking for shapes in the puffy clouds. What will today’s younglings wax nostalgic about?

Did you race hoops with sticks too?  I know you, and I know you are not old enough to be all about the soap-box derby and going to the corner drugstore to share a soda… I think your memories might be of someone older than you… anywho… The kids today will wax nostalgic for the times they rode their bikes and watched Looney Tunes and Cake Decorating videos on the back porch with the family tablet screen.


4. Tan as a berry, or red as a beet?

The kids are browning up like berries, their papa is bleaching in the sun and will soon be translucent.

5.  What is your favorite summer-exclusive activity?

Do I have to exclude Summer Glau in this question as well?


6.  What do you find to be the biggest difference between Ohio summers and Alabama summers?

10 to 15°F difference, and about 10 points of humidity as well.  Birmingham was sunnier, hotter, and stickier, while indoors it is colder and dryer.  


7.  Why do you think “Summer” is a fairly common first name, but “Solstice” is not?

“Solstice” is not popular for the same reason “Poultice” is not popular, plus the solstice is very fleeting.  I think that is a reason we don’t hear anyone being called “Equinox” on the playground either.


8.  How are you keeping your kids occupied during the non-school season?

Little Man is is a series of week long summer camps and Q is in summer care at her pre-school.


9.  Is a “summer” someone who adds things up? Why or why not? If your job is to write the plot summaries on IMDB, are you a summer?

let’s see what the judges have to say… and they will allow it, in both instances.  People can make their own titles these days.  I am the Cartographic Grand Magus…  


10.  What is your favorite summer food?

Sweet Corn on the cob.

11.  Favorite summer song?

I don’t i really have one.  Maybe “It’s a Cruel Summer,” but that is only becauseit is by Bananarama.


12. Favorite summer activity?

Napping… now ask what my favorite winter activity is


13. Favorite actress with the name Summer? Ok, that actually means what are your thoughts on Suzanne Summers, since I know you aren’t going to mention strippers.  By the way, why do strippers all have the same fake names, not that I’d know. Oh god, does my wife read this blog? Did it just get hotter in here?

Umm…. no comment, dude, you are on your own.


14. Old men in the summer with white socks and dar shoes. Thoughts?  Cause you know that’s you in 3 years :)

I think it is sweet that you are giving me 3 years.  That is why you are my friend.  Here is the thing, waaaay back in 20 Questions Tuesday: 172 I learned that if it is a true expression of me, who the Hell cares what I wear other than me?


15.  Best Summer beverage?



16.  Best Summer smell?

Grilling out especially over charcoal… meat and fire?  Count me in


17.  Best Summer getaway locale?

Mountains… it is cooler up there in them thar hills


18.  Did Summer Sanders pull the name off of the Stripper Name List for good?

well, she didn’t do it for evil.


19.  Are the Summertime Blues just another form of Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Maybe in the Southern Hemisphere?  I hear water flushes down the opposite direction down there… it doesn’t… it levitates.


20.  Does Summer Lovin’ always happen so fast?

Because Summer Lovin’ has to occur in a truncated setting.  There is no time for waiting for things to unfold in a summer romance.  It is also why the elderly shack up so quick.  There is only a limited amount of time left and things have to happen quickly.

To Recap:

My birthday happens on Friday of this week

It is time to shed some soul-weight I have been carrying for far too long

Hell, it is time to shed some physical weight that has crept up on my frame

It is time to listen to Weight by the Rollins Band…

Who knew Henry Rollins would be such an effective spoken word… uh.. speaker

I R Gud wit Wordsies

Last night the kids had Orange Rice

I decided to juice it up… Kale, Celery, Lime, Apples, Grapes, and Blueberries… it was something

But I did clean out the crisper somewhat

Have a great weekend everyone…. I am going to sleep in