20 Questions Tuesday: 248 - Going Solo


So, the wife is out of town and will not be back until June 21…. Today is the 11th, she left on the 10th… That is a long damn time. It is really a damn long time to single parent… how do you single parenty people do this stuff? No seriously, how do you do it? TELL ME!!!???!!! I REALLY NEED TO KNOW!!! Needless to say, today’s topic is “Going Solo.”

Thanks this week go to Ralph Harbison, Lsig, Allreillyedup, Nadolny, Wifey, and Some Other Guy. On to the questions!  No time for links… sorry -The editor

1. Why did Lando wear Han Solo’s clothes at the end of Empire Strikes Back?
Well, they had to leave Cloud City in a bit of a hurry. I am sure that Lando’s light blue blouse eventually got dirty and he had to change… the only men’s clothes on the Millenium Falcon were Han’s. It is just lucky that Han and Lando were similar sizes?

2. Why don’t people see why it is so important that Solo shot only?
I know. Seriously? People don’t get this? It is all about character arc. Han starts out as a hard-boiled smuggler looking out for Han, and ends as a guy volunteering for a near suicidal mission on an unnamed moon to topple the Empire.

3. Man to man fight, who wins: Solo or Indiana Jones?
In fisticuffs? Indy… He is just more rough and tumble than Han. Indiana is more the quintessential Saturday morning serial movie hero. Blaster v pistol, Han.

4. Solo vs Malcom Renolds of Firefly?
Mal… no discussion. Maybe not if flying, Han can prolly outfly Mal, but not Wash. R.I.P. Wash.

5. Solo vs ANY Star Trek Captain?
Solo, but he has trouble v Commander Sisko with the bald head and the goatee, not Cpatain Sisko with the clean face and short hair.

6. What do you expect will be your biggest kid-related challenge while she’s gone?
Making sure both kids make it all 11+ days. It is questionable.

7. What will be the non-kid (and yet family-friendly) thing you will struggle most with?
The logistics. Getting the kids picked up from their summer scheduled activities in a timely fashion and getting food on the table. I know this is still kid centered, but I have no issues with my getting to where I need to be.

8. Why will she be gone so long this time?
She has 2 projects that abut each other this time around. There is usually more tie in between travel trips, but scheduling limitations led to this issue.

9. What is Wifey going to worry most about while she’s gone?
I think more than anything, my sanity. That is followed closely by flying. She hates flying.

10. Where is the farthest you’ve ever traveled alone?
Halifax, NS

11. How horrifying is the thought of truly being single again and dating? On a scale of 1 to 13?
On a scale of 1 to 13 where 1 is easy and 13 is the most horrifying thing one can imagine? I am going to go with a 20.

12. Have you heard the “Red Solo Cup” song? Thoughts? Bring back any memories?
I was culturally unaware of that song, and now you owe me 2 minutes of my life back. I mean it. It does bring back memories… memories of why I cannot stand Toby Keith and/or country music.

13. Worst band member to go solo?
David Lee Roth.

14. Han Solo. First response that comes to mind?
Han. Shot. First.


15.Where is wifey going?
The wife is just going up! She is heading to Minneapolis, Minnesota and then to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

16. Is she going solo as well?
Sort of. None of her local co-worker peeps are going, but she is meeting up with some people that she has worked solidly with others frequently for both places.

17. What does dad cook whilst going solo?
Pretty much many of the same things that I fix whilst she is there, but I will favor some of the kid’s favorite meals more that the Wife does not like. Spaghetti, flanks steak, pork chops, hamburgers, bbq, and tacos.

18. Task then question… Task: Go do the Star Was dancing “Solo”… Question: Well, how was it?
Task: 4 stars
Question: I no like the dance game, mainly because I am not a good dancer.

19. What will you do this week while Wifey is gone, that you normally wouldn’t do?
Probably watch more action adventure movies than typical.

20. I’ve heard that you are lonely if you think about doing things BY yourself, but if you do them WITH yourself, you’re in lovely company. Wise words or happy horseshit?
Happy horseshit.

To recap:
I am dealing with a 9 year old going on pre-teen angst and 5 year old who loves pushing the 9 year old with pre teen angst’s BIG RED BUTTONS
They are just so big and red and shiny and need pushed
Repeatedly and both forcefully and lightly, but consistently
But, push them she does
It is a sight to behold
Spaghetti for dinner tonight… I will have some kind of soup
I have not found a gluten free pasta that works well as just pasta and sauce
I have found a few that are nice for baked casseroles
But spaghetti and casserole are not necessarily the same thing
I will make some soup or some such
Yeah! Gluten Free is Awesome!!!
Have a great week everyone