20 Questions Tuesday: 190 - Random Q's

I couldn’t come up with a topic for this week’s post… So I went topic-less and asked for random questions.  Alas and alack there did not seem to be a rash of spontaneous synchronicity.  I can deal with that.  In fact, I excel at doing just that.  I am all about the random asynchronous spontaneity.  That is something that I am ready, willing, and able to do week in and week out.  Truly it is where I am a Norse raider; a viking, if you will.

Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Ralph, Chris Corrigan, Brett Wood, and some other guy… Onto the questions!

1.  What was the worst travesty of justice ever perpetrated by the academy of motion pictures?

I would say the snub of Baz Lurhmann in the category of Best Director for Moulin Rouge… and the make up Oscar for Chicago the following year.

2.  What is the best color for a car? Is that color different for a sports car than for a hearse?

I like red cars, because they are incredibly easy to see on the road… That being said, I am partial to black cars.  Hearses should always be black… ‘cause they are sad

3.  Bricks, I like ‘em. What’s your favorite building material?

Aluminium… but not aluminium siding.

4.  “Mmmmmm, nanners.” Your turn.

mmmmm pig

5.  In your opinion, who was the most unsung character from the Happy Days franchise (including all spin-offs)?

Potsy… there was not enough of his wet blanket character in any/all of the series.

6.  Ninja zombies vs vampire pirates?

Well, it depends on whether you subscribe to the theory of the fast zombie… otherwise, I will go with zombie ninja to deal with, and if I had to be one, I would be a vampire pirate.

7.  Why five questions?

I do not wish to over-burden my questioneers by asking them for anything more than 5 questions.  However, I don’t limit

8.  Lightsaber vs anything in King Arthur’s legends?

Lightsaber… Excalibur is described as “unbreakable” and “ever sharp” but never described as “resistant to high-tech plasma cutting devices”

9.  Why does buttered toast land on the buttered side?  IF you tap buttered toast, butter up, to a cat’s back and drop it, is that perpetual motion?

62% of buttered toast falls end up butter side down.  This is more than random in its occurrence, but there is not a biological device manipulating the body to land butter side down.  The cat is actively manipulating its spinal column to land feet first… my bet is on the cat and not the buttered toast.

10.  In the event of a tornado, will you take cover or try to be a You Tube hero?

I studied natural disasters for about 4 years of my college life, especially tornadoes and hurricanes.  In all of that research, I have never seen one…  I would LOVE to see one… I, however, would not film one, or stand in a doorway praying instead of taking cover.

11. Why haven’t you moved to British Columbia yet?

I need a job… is there a job out in BC that you can get me?

12.  What is the single most important thing you have ever learned?

That is is okay to “not” know something.

13.  Which period of history in most instructive for the present?

I think there are aspects and inklings in all times of history that can effectively inform the present.  The issue is knowing, from all the history available from which to glean, which lessons to apply and when.

14.  Would you like fries with that?

Not especially.

15.  How do you feel about being named Scott?

I like it.  As a kid I was called Scotty (until college), but I feel that Scott definitely fits my personality.

16.  How long did it take to realize someone misspelled Heart in your last name?

No one has misspelled anything.  The “Hart” in my name refers to a Middle English word for “deer.”  Not merely some cardiological muscle.

17.  Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

At home, having some good conversations with friends via whatever the Internet becomes.

18.  Any thoughts on 2012 being the end of the world?

I think 2012 will not be the end of the world.  At most, there may be a shift in how things are perceived in our lives such that “life as we know it ends.”

19.  Whats your favorite food?

Gonna go with pizza.  It is fairly generic and with the advent of different sauces and genres of pizza, it is super versatile.  Everything from breakfast pizzas to desert pizzas are encapsulated within the genre of “pizza.”

20.  What’s next?

That is an interesting question.  I feel that what is next for this blog is one or two (maybe three) interview style 20 Questions with some delightfully random guest answerers.  So look forward to that.

To recap:
Lots of feet stretching going on all up in here
Turns out all the foot pain I have been dealing with in the past 3 to 4 years is just some nasty-ass plantar faciitis
My feet hurt a ton
In fact I need to go stretch now
I always need to stretch the feets
I am hungry
Looking forward to lunch
I am thinking of getting a salad
That involves driving past all the fast food places
It will be worth it
Cause salads are good
My 10 year old self just kicked me in the shins and called me a “sell-out”
Oh wells, you can’t be 10 forever
If you want me to send you question requests, please leave a comment or ask a question
If you want me to ask you 20 questions, please leave a comment or ask a question
I think everyone in the house is feeling pretty well
It is surprising
Usually at least 1 of the 4 is down with something
Have a great weekend everyone