20 Questions Tuesday: 206 - House

This week I have a few interviews almost done.  I am sure you will see on next week.  It will be awesome, but today the topic is “House” because we are in the middle of a bid for a house that would be perfect for our family…. so my mind is not really that focused on anything else.  Deal with it peeps.

Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Steev, Chris Ring, and Lsig.  Onto the questions!

1.  Knowing what you now know about homeownership, if you could send a message back in time, what advice would you send yourself?
Work with a stager and maximize the space in the house.  Let specialists do their specials.

2.  In a money’s-no-object world, what is your favorite roofing material?
Slate.  It is durable and looks awesome.

3.  Which is better, large front yard or large back yard?
Large back yard

4.  Best lawn ornamentation for pissing off the neighbors?
The little racist lawn jockey.

5.  Best lawn ornamentation for warning off the neighbors?
A baby’s leg

6. I really hate the TV show “House” because it is repetitive medical nonsense. Could you post a picture of Hugh Laurie in a dress for me? (That’s a house related question.)
I was not able to get to Photoshop last night, so this will have to do…

7.  I really loved the movie “House”. Where was the actual house used in the movie located?
Monrovia, CA, the house is called “Mills View”… it’s historic.  I loved House as a kid… Damn! Come back from the grave and ran out of ammunition.

8.  The actress who played Mary on Little House On The Prairie was one of my grade school crushes. Was she ever in anything else? (see how I worked “house” in there?)
Melissa Gilbert?  Yeah, she has done some stuff, but never as much as popular as Little House…Fun fact, she married Tron.

9.  The song says that there is a house in New Orleans called “the rising sun” and that it has ruined many a poor boy. How?
Well, it was either a house of ill-repute where boys went to partake in sexual commerce, or it was a gambling house where boys went to lose their money, or it was a drug house where boys went to get a fix and ended up dead or something like that.

10. They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Is there a better alternative?
Either throw sponges in the glass house or make the house out of more typical materials… or were you talking about the adage?  If so, I would say this one. “Overweight sleep doctors shouldn’t tell me to lose weight.”

11. Home is where _____________???
My family resides.

12. Best song with House/Home in the title?
I just looked through my iPhone to see what “Home/House” songs I have, and the only one that came up was “Home” by the Foo Fighters.  So I guess that will have to do… I am listening to it right now, and it could work for this purpose.  I am sure there are others, but I figured I should put my money where my mouth was and pick a song I have with me.

13. What if all the pigs built their house out of bricks?
It would have been a much shorter story with no moral to learn from.

14. Does “Wait ‘til your father gets home” instill joy … or terror?
Neither… can something instill annoyance?

15. Your home away from home is?
I think a local metro-park called Highbanks

16. What makes the house you are looking into so great?
What is the realty axiom?  Location! Location! Location!  4 bedrooms, 2 offices and a play-room for the kids.  The kids will be able to have most of their stuff out and I will be able to have an actual studio that is accessible all the time.

17. Which tv house is the best? I’m partial to the Silver Spoons place, but Webster had a dumbwaiter to ride…
The silver spoons place is pretty boss.  I toy train running through the living room? Thank you kindly.  I have to go with the Brady Bunch abode because the sets clearly could not fit in the facade shown in the opening shot.  That family room was gigantic… that house was a tesseract.  It was bigger on the inside than it was on the outside.

18. “There’s no place like home.” True or False?

19. Is Alabama in fact a sweet home?
It is a sweet home for someone, just not me anymore.  That place can go sit on a tack for me.

20. HOMES- greatest geography mnemonic ever?
It does have some issues because it does not put the lakes in any specific order. It would be better if either SMHEO or OEHMS were words. For those of you who don’t know HOMES is Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior… the Great Lakes. 

To recap:
The seller should be getting back to us by 3 this afternoon…
Everyone cross your fingers
We really want that house
I want a studio
The wife needs an office with a door
No one wants to watch her work
It is like making sausage
Just be happy with the results
Don’t watch the work
Close the door, Honey!  No one wants to see you working
There will be a Yea! or Nay! by next week
Send positive house thoughts this way
We could use it.
Have a great weekend everyone