20 Questions Tuesday: 211 a: In the HOUSE, part 2

So, I got tons of questions concerning the topic of New House,l and felt that I should not short shrift anyone who sent in questions, because most every questions was amazing… some were repeats, but all were good.  Anyway… thanks for the supplemental questions DR JHP, Grapes, and AllRileyedUp, and Some Other Guy to round it out.

1.  Do you still have any unpacked boxes from your previous house?
Nope.  we were in the last house 11 years, and got everything out… git rid of a bunch of stuff too.

2.  Will you be repainting any rooms (ditching 70’s wall paper, etc)?
Eventually we will be repainting all the rooms.  The previous owner felt that khaki was a very light color.

3.  Mancave or not?
Studio instead of mancave.  I will have my drawing table up, computer next to that, and all my supplies at the ready… it is very liberating.

4.  Anything to adorn the lawn? Pink flamingos, gnomes, Yetti?
Low hanging power lines don’t count, do they?

5.  Is the work commute now better/worse/same/don’t care it’s a new house!!
The commute is about 5-10 minutes worse for me, so in truth, I don’t care because it’s a new house!

6.  Everyone has deal-breakers when looking at houses. I had to have a flat yard (I’m not mowing the Alps or getting a goat) and there had to be sidewalks (I don’t want to live somewhere with culverts). Other than the usual mod cons, what were your deal-breakers.
1. Had to have an office area for my wife who works from home
2. Had to have a playroom for the kids (more for the kids’s stuff than for the kids)
3. Big enough bedrooms for everyone.  Previously, the third bedroom was markedly smaller than the other 2 bedrooms.
4. The floor-plan needed to be rather open.
5.  No galley kitchens
6.  Minimal amount of hallways

7.  When we looked at houses (over 30 I believe) we saw some screwed up stuff. People replacing all their doors with accordion style dividers and completely removing the kitchen from its logical spot in the home (they put it in the basement) were some of ours. What freak shows did you witness?
We saw about 15 or so.  The most impressive one was a home that was also being used as an aquarium fish nursery.  Clearly, the owners used the house also as their business, and their business was to sell fresh-water fish to pet stores. There was about 300 gallons of water (around six 50 gallon tanks) in the first floor and at least 800 gallons of water in the basement (sixty or so 10-20 gallon tanks and 400 gallons of filtration water in industrial sized rain barrels).  The place was really well run, but it was difficult to look past all the fish tanks and the MASSIVE water filtration system.  Everywhere you looked were fish.  I have been to aquarium stores with less fish in them.  I am not sure if the house was technically zoned for what was being done there.

8.  Even though it’s a “new” house, people always seem to come up with a list of needed renovations — what are yours?
The most major ones have to do with the basement.  Radon mitigation in the basement and new flooring. Every space in the house needs painting and a few areas need carpet removed.  Carpet has to go for the asthmatics in the house.

9.  Going to have a housewarming party?
Maybe, but not for a while.

10.  What are good housewarming presents?
When you have previously owned a house, good housewarming gifts are Lowe’s or Home Depot gift certificates.

11.  What are bad housewarming presents?
More kids.

12.  Do the kids each have their own bedroom?
The kids do have their own rooms, and they are super cool rooms… or they will be super cool rooms.

13. Are they aware of the total super awesomeness of the new house experience?
Not yet… but they will be.
14.  How much of a change is there between old house and new house?
Well, about 1000 square feet of livable space and a back yard to die for.  

15.  What will change “lifewise” for you at the new house?
No cable for one.  We went up a level of broadband internet and dropped our cable subscription.  No land line now as well.  It is cellphones all the time now.  We also will be eating out less and planning menus more.  Not having a grocery store at the end of the street will be a big change.

16.  Any rooms done yet?
Not a one.  Little Man’s needs to have decor put up, but it is the closest of any room at the moment.

17.  What are the main differences in the neighborhood?
This neighborhood seems quieter, but we really haven’t been here long enough to make serious comparisons.  The new street is a bit narrower, and the running is more difficult to avoid hills or major roads.

18.   Do you need to renovate any particular room/s?
The basement playroom needs some work.  With the asthmatics in the house, the carpet downstairs needs to be removed, and the room needs painting and new furniture to brighten it up.  

19.  How ya livin? What? How ya livin? What?
In Living Color

20.  If you have to focus on any one room to get it completely ready, what room would that be?
I am going to annoy you with my answer, because I am going to choose 2 rooms.  Little Man and Q’s rooms.  Little Man’s room needs to be dressed basically.  The over all painting is done, but we need to decorate the place.  He is nine and want the room to be blue with red accents… which is basically what all little boys’ rooms look like.  We are trying to figure out how to make it his.  Q’s room has drop cloths all over it right now, and the painting needs to be done.  1 more coat of the accent color and then finish up the base color, then the furniture…. so much to do.

To Recap:
Seriously overwhelmed by the amount of work necessary to be moved in
I need to run tonight
This week in the couch to 5k program the running really kicks into gear
I am not really looking forward to that
Trying to determine a good place for this running to take place
16 minutes running v 10 minutes walking (not counting the 5 minute wram up and 5 minute cool down)
Janet Varney’s 20 questions coming up on Tuesday
I have soooo much to do
Have a great weekend everyone