20 Questions Tuesday: 211 - In the HOUSE

Yesterday we moved into the new house.  IT. IS. GREAT.  Five days living with the mother-in-law with the entire fam is enough.  She is great people, but seriously, we need our space… and now we have it in spades.

Therefore this week’s question will be about the new house.  So without further ado.  the 20 Questions.  Thanks this week go to Lord Pithy, Nadolny, Chris Ring, Brett Wood, and Steev.  Now the questions!

1.  What did you leave behind for the new owners of your old house to discover?
We forgot to get some toothpaste out of the medicine cabinet in the upstairs bathroom.  Oh, and the toilet up there started running the day before we moved out.

2.  Did you assign bedrooms to the children, or let them pick their own?
Since Little Man still loves his slide bed, it means that his choices for bedrooms are curtailed.  Therefore we are picking for them… because of furniture constraints.

3.  What will you have as your first meal as a family in your new house?
The kids get back in town on Wednesday, so we will have marinated flank steak, rice, and broccoli.

4.  If you weren’t real people, but were instead characters in a Beverly Cleary story, what would you expect to discover hidden in your new house?
An immaculate tube of toothpaste… with just. one. dent.

5.  This one kind of harkens back to question 2; how much say do the kids have in decorating their own rooms? Do they get to pick wall colors, art, etc?
We are allowing them to select colors, then we create a few color schemes and let them choose from those.

6.  What is your favorite room in the new abode?
It will be a toss up between the kids’ playroom in the basement or the room I am making into my studio.

7. Have you met any neighbors yet?
I have briefly chatted with one neighbor.

8. How’s the yard landscaping? Big plans, happy as it is?
We are pretty happy how it is.  No frills, and easy maintenance.

9. Did you get the kids enrolled at school yet?

10.  Was the “New House” built on an ancient Indian burial ground? … I hear that’s bad.
As far as I know, no.  It was built over the Upper Devonian Ohio Shale, so we do have a radon issue.

11.  Does it have that “New” house smell?
It smells all clean and stuff.  The cleaning crew did an amazing job.

12.  Why didn’t you just tie a gazillion balloons to your old house like in “Up”?
Cause that doesn’t work… especially if you have a basement.  As it turns out the basement is built like a bomb shelter with poured cement walls, floor and ceiling… not enough balloons.

13.  Doesn’t your witness relocation handler frown upon you telling us you moved?
My handler frowns about everything.  He is generally just a sad person.

14.  If you could take and bottle the energy and buzz you get when first moving into a new house like you are, what do you think you could reasonably sell the bottles of new home buzz for on today’s market in this somewhat down economy? And how many 12 ounce bottles do you think you could actually fill till you ran out?
Hmmm… 2 cases of 24 oz bottles at $1099.89 a case.  It is expensive because there are only 2 cases.

15.  Now that you are moving into your new home did it make you realize you have way too much stuff?
Not especially.  We were surprised to see how long it took to load up the moving trucks.

16.  Why did you move out of your old house? and are you going to miss it?
The house just wasn’t serving our purposes as a family anymore.  The third bedroom was too small, therefore our little girl did not have any space of her own.  On top of that, since the wife is working from home now, she needs an actual office with a door and stuff.  

17.  Traditionally, every house is said to have its domovoi. When you move into your new house do you get to name him?
I darn well better.  His name shall be Shecky… so it shall be written, so it shall be done.  Come along, Shecky.

18.  If you walked into your new home and a disembodied voice said, “Get out!”, would you leave or stay like most people in bad horror films?
I would sit down and have a conversation with the voice and find some common ground.  I am sure we can all find a commodious agreement between my fam and the disembodied voice.

19. Do you have a neighbor named Mr. Miyagi? You should check just in case the neighborhood kids give you a hard time.
Nope, as far as I know, no Mr Miyagi.  If there is a problem with neighborhood kids, I will have to take care of it myself in my own passive aggressive manner.

20.  Charles “Xavier” is the wheelchair bound mutant, teacher and leader of other mutants in the comic X-Men. The name Xavier derives from the Spanish surname which originates from the location name “Xavier” in Navarre, in northern Spain. The name derives from the Basque location name “Etcheberri” meaning “the new house.”. Does your new house have a Danger Room?
Yes.  It is super dangerous too.  You Should see it.  When you coming to Mid-Ohio Comic Con (google it your dam selves, I got to paint), Steev?  We have a guest bedroom now.

To recap:
In the new house
I have more questions that I will get to as a supplemental 20 questions prolly on Thursday
Look forward to that
I have done nothing but paint kids’ rooms since getting the house
If anyone out there wants to lend a hand painting, that would be great
Next week, guess what?
20 Questions with Janet Varney
You read that right
A female person
It is pretty darn epic
Spoiler alert: she eschews cake and pie
I have more painting to get done now
More questions answered on Thursday
Enjoy your Wednesday