20 Questions Tuesday: 216 - Anniversary Edition

This week my wife and I celebrate our 15 anniversary of getting married.  I would say 15th wedding anniversary, but that would mean we would be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of our 15th wedding, and that is just silly.  Anyway… she is an amazing person, and I am lucky to know her much less be married to her.  She is a badass and I am a shockingly lucky man.

Thanks this week go to Kelly, Lsig, and some other guy.  Onto the questions!

1.  If you could go back in time and command the presence of any single person at your wedding — LIVING OR DEAD — who would it be?
I would right a wrong and have Dr B Dawg in my wedding party and have him attend.  His presence was missing at the wedding and every day I think about it I wish he was there and I feel bad for not including him explicitly… yes, he would have been naked.

2.  Crystal or watches? Or don’t even bother and chalk up some required large purchase to the “anniversary” (my spouse and I gave each other several thousand dollars of foam insulation two years ago, but we’re crazy romantics)?
We bought a house, Bitches!

3.  Planning a wedding in the age of Pinterest.  Aren’t you glad you missed that one?
Oh, sweet mother of god!  I would hate looking through all of the websites my fiance had pinned…

4.  Are we of an age now where there are no more weddings to go to until (1) our kids and the kids of our friends start getting married or (2) our friends start having their second marriages?
There are still a few weddings going on with people who are a few years younger than me, and just a little late to the game.  In fact one of my former employees got married this past weekend on September the 1st, or as I like to call it, September Fools’ Day.  Other than that, we are more in the time frame of marriages dissolving instead of new marriages.  In 3 years though, may be a different story

5.  Do you have anniversary traditions?
Not especially.  We do love a celebratory dinner…. mmmmmmmm celebratory dinner. In all actuality, we have wanted to travel out of country for the anniversaries divisible by 5, but this year, we bought a house instead of going out of country.  20 will be epic though… super epic… beyond epic… epic-er than epic.

6.  Your guests had fun at your wedding. Did you manage to enjoy it?
Well, wifey danced the entire time, and I shmoozed for most of it.  It was a great time.  
7.  How long should a couple be married before an anniversary party is appropriate?
I’m gonna go with 20.

8.  Do you think anyone is surprised that you’ve managed 15 years (for the record, I’m not!)?
I think there may be a few people, in all honesty, who are a little surprised, but none of them matter, partially because a few of them have died, and the others have pretty much moved on from what I can tell.

9.  How has it possibly been 15 years?? We aren’t old enough for that, are we?
I know, seriously?  It is killing us.  How did we get this old?

10. Do you believe in marriage as an institution: forever one marriage to one person?
I think that singular marriage is one way of dealing with coupling in today’s society, but I don’t quite think that it works for everyone in today’s society. I feel like there is a bit of an undue pressure put on people to enter into a relationship that statistically has a strong possibility of failing.  I think there needs to be some paradigm shifting going on with modern marriage.  That being said, I am in this for the long haul (seriously, I can’t do any better and I will fight tooth and nail to keep Wifey in my life).

11.  15 years in, is anything as you imagined it?
Well… I am not nearly as independently wealthy as I thought I would be. I was thinking that we would be living in the lap of luxury by now.  Get on that “Great American Novel,” Wifey!  Papa doesn’t want to work no more.

12.  So, what do you do as a couple now, 15 years in?
Try to get some sleep, we are so tired.  Maybe I should amend 11 with we are sooooo tired.

13.  Seriously, how much longer can you keep this going?
Well, I will hold onto this relationship as long as I have hands to hold things.  People will have to pry this relationship from my clenched fists.  As Toto has said, “It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from you, There’s nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do…” and as the White Stripes say “I’m Gonna fight ‘em Off, A Seven Nation Army couldn’t hold me back.”  Do I need to justify myself with any more lyrics? Because I will.

14.  Do you remember any of your vows?
I hate to say it, but I do not remember my vows.  Honestly, I am playing it by ear.  I have no idea what I promised that woman.  Seriously, my wife mentions phrases from the vows that I HAVE NO RECOLLECTION OF AT ALL. I really hope I am not beholden to some crazy vow that I don’t remember.  I just try to treat her better than anyone else (any one else I treat, or how anyone else treats her).

15.  Do your kids understand marriage?
Nope, not that we can tell.  It seems that Q wants to marry Little Man and stay in the house with us forevers… that ain’t happening.  They are both out of this house at 18, whether they are married to each other or not.

16.  Do you ever want to renew your vows?
Yes, I would love to renew them.  I would love to be able to remember what I said the first time around.  

17.  How are you celebrating this anniversary?
Well, instead of going out of country, we are going to Benihana. Chain hibachi steak FTW!

18.  What are you doing next week, when you are not all anniversaried up?
Prolly going to Benihana just to make this week less special.

19.  What are you going to do in 5 years for the 20?
Ireland?  Netherlands?  Scandinavia?  Wifey will choose this one.

20.  So, is there a winner after 15 years?
I won, she lost.  Easy as that.  She was hawt when we got married, and she is hawt now.  She is running the Columbus Marathon this October and I am a tired and overwieght balding dude with a low paying job that is unfulfilling.  Yep… I’m a winner!

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