20 Questions Tuesday: 217 - Vice

This week, as I stare at about 6 empty plastic Mt Dew bottles lined up in loving tribute in my office, I find myself thinking about the topic of vices.  Apropos I should say.  I love me some Mountain Dew.  It is lovely and keeps me awake during the boring hours of my day… otherwise known as when I am at work. Anyhoo… this week’s 20 Questions is all about the topic of “Vice.”

Thanks this week go to Dr JHP, Chris Corrigan, Guido, and some other guy…  Onto the questions!

1.  When do you cross the line from an acceptable pleasurable indulgence to a vice?
I think it has to do with one’s capability of walking away from the pleasurable indulgence and how much of a negative effect a pleasurable indulgence has.  

2.  Miami Vice good vice or bad? The TV show not that damn movie!
For the time it was good… it… it does not hold up.

3.  Does a viceroy fit in here anyhow?
There is always room for a Viceroy… I always prefer the term Vireroyal though…

4.  How do you cure a vice? Should you cure a vice?
Complete and total avoidance is the only way to really “cure” a vice.  Should you absolutely cure it?  That depends on how bad it is for you… most likely though.  That is the nature of a vice.

5.  Is there an equal trade off between a virtue and a vice or is there some type of ratio or formula involved?
That is an in-equal equation to say the least.

6.  This whole 20 questions thing is some kind of vice isn’t it? What’s in it for you that you’re ashamed of?
It does seem to be something of a vice… I think I am ashamed of just how much time it takes to pull off successfully.

7.  Joe Biden is the most vice-less Vice  President. I always thought that job title could bestow a wicked evil genius image on the incumbent but so far these dudes have been duds. Cheney and Nixon being notable exceptions. Not even sure if this is a question. But discuss anyway.
Plagiarism isn’t a vice?

8.  When you discover that someone else has a vice, is it good etiquette to enable it, attack it or keep quiet about it?
Depends on the vice and the circumstances.  If someone’s vice is hard core IV drug-use, you might want to attack it just a bit, however, if it has something to do with saltine cracker consumption… just make merciless fun of that person.

9.  Miami Vice.  Just say no.
umm… No?

10.  Vise grips… what gives?
The little lever on the handle is what gives

11.  Crockett or Tubbs?
Tubbs was cooler, but Crockett had the better angle (he always went low while Tubbs brought the shotgun up high)

12.  Did you ever just watch Miami Vice just to see the opening credits to listen to Jan Hammer’s Miami Vice Theme Song?
That and the end credits, baby!  Everything in between is just crap.

13.  Okay, last question about Miami Vice, the TV show…. Who was the best guest star on Miami Vice?
Liam Neeson as, get this, an Irish terrorist.  That, my friends, is possibly the definition of “cliche.”

14.  Okay, I was kidding, that wasn’t the last question about Miami Vice the TV show.  As a kid did you think that Crockett was the coolest dude ever?  He lived on a boat, had a pet alligator, was a cop… What do you think of him as an adult?
He is utterly and completely broken… Mainly because his ex-wife on the show was Sheena Easton, come on, really?  

15.  Shouldn’t the Vice President be the president of a specific vice?  Like the President of Porn, The President of Gambling, The President of Drugs?
Yes… Yes there should… I can think of no greater thing at all.  That might be the best thing ever.

16.  Doesn’t everyone have a vice of some kind?
I think so, it may not be as bad as a coke habit, or even a caffeine addiction, but everyone has some kind of vice.  OMG… I lerv teh Pockey so much! I just wanna eats it all the times!

In this case Pockey is not the vice it is intentionally bad spelling.

17.  Veni Vidi… ?
Vici?  That’s not really a vice.

18.  Have you ever tried any of the things that would get you sent to clink by a vice cop?
hmmmm…. I have looked at the porns before, but that is about it.  I am sadly, pretty straight-laced.

19.  Other than Mt Dew, what vices do you have?
I love frosting…. and Doritos… not at the same time… That is gross.. It is difficult for frosting or Doritos to stay in the house for very long.

20.  Seriously, is this blog a vice?
I am addicted to it (I think I might be the only person) and it does drive me to distraction somedays… usually Tuesdays.

To recap:
Wifey is out of town until Friday night
The Sklar Brothers will be doing some of their comedic stylings this weekend in Columbus
I will be there
With my friend, Brett
It will be glorious
I need to pee
Seriously, I really have to go. but this blog is really getting in the way
This is definitely a vice
It is keeping me from accomplishing simple bodily functions
Is peeing really an “accomplishment” though?
I mean, really, peeing will happen even if I wait too long
Especially if I wait too long
Maybe the “accomplishment” is peeing in the proper place
Yep, this blogging is a vice and I am having a hard time getting away from it
School is going well enough… so much reading though
Seriously, I have to REALLY pee now
Have a great weekend everyone