20 Questions Tuesday: 218 - Work

So, things they are a changing all over the workplace, the guy who brought me on, is no longer my boss, the project I was working on, I am now the de facto project manager… No raise in pay, mind you, just more responsibility.  Oh, well… such is work life…

This week, the topic of note is “Work.”  Thanks this week go to TheMikeStand, AllRileyedUp, and Some Other Guy.  Onto the questions:

1.  ”Find a job you like, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Truth, or nonsense?
I don’t know.  It would require me having had a job I like.

2.  Which song is better? "We can work it out" by the Beatles, or "Workin’ at the Car Wash Blues" by Jim Croce?
I have to go with Rose Royce and “Working at the Car Wash.”

3.  Do your kids ever “work it” to get what they want? (e.g. crocodile tears, begging and pleading, batted eyelashes…) To which kid’s tactics are you more vulnerable?
Of course they work it.  They are kids.  We have found that we are most vulnerable to the ceaseless crying and whining…. Oh, God, why won’t they stop?

4.  What would your ideal workday schedule be? Obviously the standard 8-hours-with-two-fifteen-minute-breaks-and-a-one-hour-lunch works for everyone.
Hmmm… I think 6 hours days with a 30 hour work week would be best.  30 hours would be wonderful…..

5.  Fill in the blank(s): All work and no play makes Scott ___________________________ .
Cranky as a wet cat.

6.  Work, work, work…
The story of my life

7.  Why is “Work” all I have time for these days?
Because, shit costs money, and life”requires” shit.  Stupid, stupid shit

8.  Is work going to ultimately turn my hair gray?
My kids did that to me… How haven’t your kids turned your hair gray?  What’s wrong with your kids?

9.  If you view it as “work” and not “fun” does that mean you hate your job?

10.  Finish the sentence: “All work and no play…”
Makes people cranky as wet cats?

11.  Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5. Best work song? Discuss.
While 9 to 5 is a delightful work song, I enjoy “Career Opportunities” by the Clash, because, good goddamn it’s the Clash.

12.  In physics work is defined by the equation W= Fd, where W is work, F is force, and d is distance.  Is that really work?
Hells no!  I don’t get paid for no Fd’s

13.  Have you ever hired anyone?
Yup, I have been through the hiring process a few times.  I have been eclipsed professionally by most of my past employees.  One is the GIS Coordinator of a town in Massachusetts, one is the GIS Coordinator of the company I previously worked for, and one is a GIS Analyst for another company.  I look at teh holz n teh grownd, yo.

14.  What is your favorite part of work?
When the whistle blows, and I jump out of my cab, and slide down the brontosaurus’s tail and jump into my soft-top car, and start my way home. YAbba Dabba DOOOOO!

15.  Have you ever asked workaholics what workahol tastes like?
Nope, but I bet it tastes like bile and broken dreams.

16.  How long have you been working?
13 years if you do not count being a grad school teaching assistant… I don’t, but if you are wondering about today, it was about 8 hours, and went off to get my teeth cleaned.  I have some fillings from the 90’s that need to be replaced…booooo

17.  How many OSHA violations does your current workplace have?
I would say about 32

18.  Is parenting work?
Ummm… Yes, however it is not a job.  Jobs require economic compensation for time and effort, and all parents know that isn’t happening.

19.  Which is worse, conference calls or, good god, what is worse than conference calls?
Not a damn thing… well, maybe the fiery pits of hell, but that is questionable…

20.  Is this working?
Nope, this is not working at all.  

To recap;
Q had to go to the ER last week
Her breathing was severely compromised
She was on Orapred all week
It was crazy-making
Seriously crazy making
She was out of her mind on the Orapred
All is well  now though
Woo hooo
Little Man is on his school’s cross country team now
He runs more than I do
I need to run more
Week 4 of new grad school now
Sooo much reading
I need to get my graphics software installed on the new machine
Oh well…
Have a great week, people
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