20 Questions Tuesday: 225 - Recovery

So last week was a hurricane, and this week is the beginning of the recovery… Oh, you may have thought with this being Tuesday November 6, 2012, that the topic should be “Voting,” “Votes,” or “Elections” or some such crap, but I live in Ohio and I am rather tired of all things election.  I would love it if all Ohioans would abstain from voting and just let the country twist in the wind for pestering us so much, but at least one damn fool would vote and that opinion would stand for the entirety of the state and, honestly, that would not work.  So anyway… this week’s topic is about the Recovery.  Don’t forget Cuba peeps, don’t forget Cuba. Sandy tagged Cuba really hard.

Thanks this week go to Ralph “Yesterday was his Birthday” Harbison, and Chris “My mom’s house blew away and I did not ask a question about that” Ring, some other guy, and my lovely Wife.  Onto the questions!

1.  What is “covery” in the first place?
Covery is a normal state.  If one is not recovering, one is covering… much like bases.

2.  Is making the bed “recovery?”
It depends if all of the covers were completely removed. If you are tidying up the bed from a night of “sleeping” (you randy dog, you) and the covers were not thrown on the floor (You Animal, You), it is not recovery.  If you have removed all the covers, then when you are remaking the bed, you are in the process of “recovery” (you Beast).

3.  Is there “anticovery?”
That is called a hurricane (a Hurricane in bed, am I right? eh? eh?)

4.  Is discovery the opposite of cover and/or recovery?
Yes. Because discovery is changing the normal state of “covery.”

5.  Why must we build it “better than it was before” if before didn’t suck?
It is always better to build it better… not saying one should tear it down to build it better, but if it is already down, build it better.

6.  How come my muscles don’t recover like they used to?
Because you are old… much like me.

7.  What is your time tested method for recovering from a hang-over?
Not drinking

8.  What is your time tested method for recovering from a broken heart?
Sadly, the only thing is time.  Time and revenge played out in the long con.  Cold cruel slow and complete revenge.

9.  Has your wife recovered from her marathon yet?
Yep, she was better within 3 days.  She is a bad-ass.

10.  Have you recovered from Sunday’s “Walking Dead” episode yet?
I am sure this is blasphemy, but I don’t watch “The Walking Dead.”  But I have heard that the spoilers from the most recent episode were pretty intense.  Nobody is safe on that show.

11.  The “Recovery Room” in hospitals is all about coming out of anesthesia… so is “covery” having your ass knocked out?
I like that definition better.

12.  Good d-backs are known for having good “recovery” speed.  Wouldn’t they be better if they didn’t have to use their “recovery” speed?
They should have better “covery” skills/speed and not have to tap into the “recovery” speed.

13.  How long until NYC has a full recovery from the effect of Sandy?
2 years to pre-Sandy settings provided that nothing else hits.

14.  Are you recovering from anything?
My inactive 30’s.  I have got to lose weight and get into better shape.

15.  How long does it take for your memory foam pillow to “recover?”
Are you saying I have a fat, heavy head?  Is that what you are doing?  I will not abide this kind of abuse!  about 20 seconds.

16.  Recovery sports drinks: myth, fact, bunk, or good idea?
Gonna go with fact and good idea.  Hydration is good for you and replenishing electrolytes is pretty good.  I am sure there are better/more effective methods to recover from a difficult exercise session, but I bet those don’t come in awesome day-glow colors and in a plastic bottle.

17.  If the “Road to Hell” is paved with good intentions, what is the “Road to Recovery” paved with?
Evil, vile, crusty intentions.

18.  Eminem has an album called “Recovery.”  Other than drugs, alcohol, and sex, what does Eminem need to recover from?
He really hates the womens.  Maybe he needs to recover from his hatred of the womens.

19.  What is the worst thing you have ever had to recover from?
Migranes.  I have not had one in a while, but they are a serious pain to deal with.

20.  Do you have anything you hope to recover from?
My addiction to the Green Mistress….  I need to kick the caffeine and sugar addition that is going on there.

To recap:
I voted today
Now I hope people shut the hell up about this election
I voted and all I got was a crappy sticker
The campaigns collectively spent $192,275,664 just in Ohio for this election
There are 11.5 million people in Ohio
They could have bought everyone in the state a gourmet pizza instead
I would have rather had the gourmet pizza
mmmmm pizza
I have so much work to do this evening
By “work” I mean reading
Then I have so much work to do tomorrow and Thursday
This school stuff takes effort
The wife is heading out of town on Thursday
Only to return on the following Thursday
Anyone wanna rent a kid for a week?
Have a great weekend everyone