20 Questions Tuesday: 226 - Day Off

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day here in the States and that means it was a holiday for state and federal workers around the land… but not for many private sector people. SO  I had the day off, but the people I would enjoy hanging out with did not, and therefore it was a lonely day from me and my thoughts and a sandwich.  I used the day to pick up a wiped hard-drive that lost 4 years of data and maps, graphics, digital art, program purchase numbers, portfolios, resumes, etc… I might buy a gun, wait seven days, pick up the gun, shoot the hard-drive using my hate and anger to fuel my accuracy, and then return the gun.  I might.  Instead I got a cheese steak and ate it by myself… friendless and dataless.

This week, thanks go out to Nadolny, Chris Ring, and Some Other Guy.  Onto the questions!

1.  How stupid did I feel going to work yesterday and seeing no one there?
Aside from getting caught on the video feed, no one has to know…. and the official answer is no stupider than usual.

2. Do you think that these extra days government workers get off should be revoked?
I would like for them to be re-distributed.  Either Columbus Day or Veteran’s Day should be traded out for the day after Thanksgiving… and no, I don’t think government workers get too many days off.  I took a pretty considerable hit in my pay-rate for better vacation, sick time, holidays, and other benes.  You want to start taking these amenities away?  Compensate me better, dawg.  Compensate me. Yo.

3.  On your “Day Off” if you jumped onto a float in a parade and lip synced your signature song with the crowd, what would it be?
Sober by Tool

4. If you boosted a bitchin’ car on your day off, what would it be?
The Bat-Mobile… Definitely the Bat-Mobile.

5.  I took a day off last Friday to help people in NJ get resettled in a new place in the aftermath of Sandy, how else can people help those affected?
Firstly, Stay the Hell away, unless you NEED to be there.  Secondly, go to Occupy Sandy and see what you can do.

6.  If you take a “mental health” day, do you prefer company or to fly solo for the day?
For a mental health day, I would rather fly solo… Holiday, have lunch with someone.

7.  Favorite day off activity?
Napping.  It has to be napping. Ooh, I love the napping.

8.  Have you ever used “Sick Time” for a “Mental Health Day?”
Nope, I either use either vacation or personal days for that.

9.  Thanksgiving is next week, how many days off will you be using?
Wednesday through Friday, so 3 days total.  One is a Holiday so I only have to use, at most 16 hours of vacation.  Wooo-hooo.  I have a meeting 2 hours away on Tuesday of next week, so I might not have to take all 16 hours.

10.  “Day Off” is different than “Off Day” with just one little change in the order of the words.  Why is that?
Well “day off” is where you do not have to work while “off day” is a day where nothing is working right.  Similar meanings, yet significantly different in causality.

11.  Are any days off actually productive?
Not in the least.  Yesterday was a wash, by that I mean I did not take a shower yesterday.

12.  Are there any other day off movies other than “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”
Not that I can think of.  There are a bunch of movies that could be watched on a day off… guiltily watched, but Ferris is the only movie I can think of for someone’s “Day Off.”

13.  How long until you got out of your pajamas on the day off?
I had to get the kids to their respective educational institutions by 8 in the morning, so I was dressed by 7:30… booo.

14.  So, is a typical work day a “Day On?”
Well, I would not say “on.” That implies/infers that I am actually “on” whilst at work. Coasting is more like it.

15.  Day-o, day-o,
      Daylight come and me wan’ go home
      Day, day, me say day, me say day, me say day Me say day, me say day-o
      Daylight come and me wan’ go home
So, “Day-o” is similar to “day off.”  Not so much a question as a statement.
Umm… yeah, sure thing. Well said? I am not sure how to respond to this.

16.  Who has a better day off? Zoo keeper or bee keeper?
Bee-Keeper.  Not having to get into the bee-keeper get-up makes it more of a day off. Although not having to deal with animal poop makes for a good day off as well, but I still stay with bee-keeper.

17.  For people without a job, is a day off going to a place of employment for a day, right?
I think that is a misunderstanding. A “day off” is just a day where you do not have to do your normal tasks.  If you are working, it is a day away from your job.  If you are unemployed, it is a day away from looking for a job.  When I was unemployed, I really did consistently try to find a job.  It did pretty much become a full time job.  A job that I did not get paid to do.

18.  How much time do you spend just wasting away time on your “day off?”
Ummm, how about 22 hours of the 24 hours that make up a day.

19.  Did you draw anything on your day off?
Nope, I really did absolutely nothing of consequence.  Sunday I had a large quantity of homework due for the classes, and I really just took Monday off.  Up to 3 AM on Sat, and turned in the homework on Sunday at 11:15 PM.  ergo, doing absolute shit on Monday.

20.  Does anyone ever truly have a “day off” when they are a parent?
Hells yes!  I spent most of yesterday sans childrens.  That is why it was a day off.

To recap:
Might get a pistola and perforate the hard drive that killed all my data
Stupid failing hard drives
I do have to say that I feel relatively lucky about it though
I have had computers since 1997 and this was the first hard drive failure
I guess that is a pretty good track record
I shouldn’t complain too much
I was the one not backing up my data
Back up your data , ladies and gentlemen
I might invest in some Carbonite to back this shit up
The wife gets back in town Wednesday night
That will be teh awesome
Next week is a holiday week, so that is cool
Many more days off
I love days off
Have a great weekend everyone!