20 Questions Tuesday: 227 - Illness

Well, that was an odd few weeks.  But I am feeling better-ish now, so don’t worry about this post being contagious.  I think that I am no longer viral… unless all of you make this post viral.  Boom, I could be a star!  So this week’s topic is “Illness”

Thanks this week go to Brett Wood, David Newbold, Lord Pithy, Chris Corrigan, and Lsig:

1.  Don’t you hate getting ill?
Boy Howdy!  I cannot stand it.

2.  Is there ever a good time to get ill?
What’s the time? It’s time to get ill. And what’s the time? It’s time to get ill. So what’s the time? It’s time to get ill. Now what’s the time? It’s time to get ill….

3.  Whats up with the word ill and 1990’s hip hop?
It is slang, baby!  Pure and simple slangy goodness.

4.  What’s your favorite illness?
Hmmm.. Favorite?  That I just ate too much feeling.  It goes away pretty fast and it is all about the gluttony.

5.  Which illness is the worst?
Auto-immune Deficiency Syndrome

6.  Is addiction really an illness?
I would say it is more of a sickness, a wrongness within the steady state of the system.  I define the difference between illness and sickness in Question 18… keep reading.

7.  What’s a real illness that you think is fake, why?
I have a hard time understanding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  I feel like it is a catch all term that is more associated with the symptoms than the underlying problem/illness.

8.  If you were mortally ill and had everything taken care of.  How would you spend your time?
I am a sap, I would spend it with my family.  Probably farting a ton just to make them even more uncomfortable.

9. If they are starving, Some people would split their last meal with their pet.  Some peoples last meal would be their pet.  This isn’t about illness but i’d eat the pet.
Hear! hear!  I would eat the family pet.  Hell, there are some cousins I would chew on before the pet was gone.

10.  To get out of what situation would you say it’s not only permissible, but actually a person’s responsibility, to feign an illness?
Accidental pooping in the pants…  That wasn’t just a fart… I must be ill.

11.  Vomit, or suffer with the upset stomach?
Vomit… everyday, all day… well, if you aren’t feeling well.

12.  What is your favorite symptom?

13.  Have you ever suffered the rockinpneumonia or the boogiewoogieflu?
Nope, but I have had a mild case of the Hip Hop Coughs

14.  Finish this sentence: I am sick of ___!

15.  What is the worst illness you have self-inflicted?
There was this night in college…

16.  Was there ever a time when everyone in your house was NOT ill together?
There was one day… back in 2008

17.  What can I do to get you Canadian citizenship and a health card?
I need a job.  I need a job to get there… Not sure I would be allowed to immigrate without gainful employment.

18.  Is there a difference between illness and sickness?
Yes, sickness can be without a germ or virus, whereas illness requires an outside pathogen to enact ickiness.  Sickness can be triggered by eating too much and then having strange motions happen.  That incurs some vomit, but you are not ill, just sick.  Make sense?

19.  Who is the worst patient in your family?
Um… I would say Zane.  I love that boy to death, but he will not let himself sleep when he is ill.  The body wants you to sleep so it can get better.

20.  Sick days: you feel horrible but you don’t have to go to work. Net gain or loss?
I think it is a mixed bag, to be sure.  The issue is that , yes, you do not have to go into work, but you also feel the time at home slipping away due to the illness.  

To recap:
I think we are all pretty much better
Well, except for me and the wife
We are still recovering
Stupid illnes
Saw Maj McArmypants over the Thanksgiving Holiday
Good seeing him again
Dr B-Dawg welcomed his second kid into the world
We are so crazy happy about his family addition
Almost done with Semester 1 of the new grad degree
Anyone want to hire me now?
Have a great weekend everyone!