20 Questions Tuesday: 228 - Transportation Woes


Note:  That is not my car or anything associated with me. It is just an illustratory image

Yesterday I got up to go to work, just like everything was fine.  Did all the morning routine stuff and got into my car to go to my job and put in a full day’s work.  Little did I know that my car had other plans.  For yesterday my car decided that consistency was not job 1.  The engine was not able to regulate itself and the check engine light was flashing.  I came home and a co-worker was able to drive me to work.  Now the car is in the shop and we are awaiting the verdict.  The good news (if there is any) is that when we drove the car to the mechanic last night it was running significantly better than in my failed commute from that very morning.  The check engine light was a solid orange instead of a blinky orange.  

So today’s questions are about “Transportation Woes.”  I got tons of questions this week, so the topic will span over to next week.  This week thanks go to Brett Wood, Dave Nadolny, Chris Ring, and Wifey.

Onto the Questions:
1. Did you know that the check engine light can pop on just from not screwing on the gas cap tight enough?
I was not aware of that particular reason, but I was aware that the check engine light could come on for rather trivial matters…  That being said, my engine had a hard time operating yesterday morning.

2. Why is it technology advances so fast as we’ve seen in cell phones and computers and even in cars that parallel park themselves but for the longest time there has been no advancement in the way we get the car tires to spin only by using gasoline?
Because we hate dinosaurs so much that must burn them to move forward.  Suck It Dead Dinosaurs!  We are alpha on this rock now, and to prove it we are burning what is left of you!

3. When is it going to be like the Jetsons, you know with cars flying and all?
a)How cool would that be?
And b) at the same time if you had a Jetsons type of car and it stalled how uncool would that be?
I am not sure there will ever be flying cars.  Too dangerous.  Adding a 3rd dimension to people’s ability to travel will only end up in death and mayhem.  Imagine how much rage people build up right now or the stupid stuff people do in just 2 dimensions… Now add a level of complexity to THAT mix…
a) It would be super cool
b)That would be super un-cool

4.  In a post apocalyptic world, after the gasoline is gone, what will be the best transportation method available?
Wind…  The new age of sail, baby!  That and human power… or possibly ferrets.

5.  Is your work location on a bus route? If so, would you consider using the mass transit system?  For the environment? Please? Because you know I’m not gonna, I need someone else to pick up the slack.
My work place is indeed on a bus route… however the bus route is also next to a hobo-town, a meth stand, and a group of prostitutes that turn tricks for sweet and sour chicken.  If the mass transit system were more robust and not specifically on streets, I might entertain the idea of using the system… faster ability to get meth and cheapo prostitutes.

6.  How damn pampered are we here in the U.S. People driving their cars 2 blocks away instead of walking?
There are many ways that kids that U.S. People are pampered… the 2 block drive is just one of them.

7.  How much do the Feds take out of the gas tax we send to the Feds to redistribute?
All I know is that the gas tax funds where I work, so I will not talk disparagingly about it.  Yea, Gas tax!

8.  Should COTA (Central Ohio Transit Agency) be scaled back?
Yes and no.  Yes, because there is no significant amount of ridership, however one of the reasons there is no ridership is the cost of a pass (about the same as 1.5 tanks of gas a month) for unlimited rides in a month.  (I fill up around 2 times a month… and I have the convenience of driving when I want to and by myself.) Without a large ridership it is difficult to justify the routes, but one of the other reasons (other than the aforementioned cost) they are missing ridership is due to the inadequacy of the coverage of the existing routes as well as the frequency of that coverage.  To become a more attractive transit system they need to expand, but they cannot expand services without a huge ridership… catch 22. And I have not even begun to talk about income levels and transit dependency.  Some people have no option other than using the bus system. I could go on for days… I won’t, but I could…

9.  Potholes, discuss amongst yourselves, consider it an early holiday present.
They suck.

10.  Not transportation related, but do you have an ugly xmas sweater?  Going to any ugly sweater holiday parties this year?
Nope, I am ugly sweater-less… and happy about that.

11.  Do they actually teach that the left hand lane is a PASSING lane in Driver’s Ed anymore? because I don’t think so.
They don’t teach shit anymore… Back when we did Driver’s Ed we had to carry our cars on our backs and signal with our hands while running down the street without shoes, clearly with the faster runners on the left.

12.  Really? You’re going to turn in front of me when there’s no one for miles behind me and then go HALF my speed? Really?
But I have to be no-where… slowly.

13. Do you not know that small bar protruding from your steering column is your TURN signal?… because I’m guessing no.
I thought it was a polyp… I was going to have it biopsied.

14. Doesn’t Easy Pass Rock?
Dude, I live in Central Ohio, there aren’t toll roads here.  We don’t need no stinking tolls.

15. For a loooong trip I leave after midnight to avoid transportation woes like a plague, how ‘bout yourself?
We used to, when Little Man was really young, we would get him to sleep while driving like caffeine crazed banshees.

16.  We’re getting a minvan, aren’t we?  Dear god…  we’re getting a minivan.
I hope not, but prolly.  Let’s call it a ante-crossover.

17. How did this happen to us?  I mean, it’s a minivan.
2 kids with friends will do that to you.  We could get a conversion van and airbrush a wizard on the side. Mini-van doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?


18.  When I was a kid and we had car troubles, my mom would make me be really quiet.  I think so she didn’t hit me.  Who do you wanna hit right now?
I steer away from anger and go more towards depression… car troubles make me sad.

19.  Also, I fell through the floor of our red maverick once on the highway…not hurt one bit.  Am I a superhero?
Yes, you are a super-hero, and I am oppositionally defiant.

20. Anticipating your answer as “no” because I know your level of negativity, what would a transportation superhero look like, then?
I am not sure, but I bet that hero would have a sweet-ass ride that had captains chairs in the middle row and possibly an airbrushed wizard in the side of the van… er ride.

and one to grow on
21.  Why are airplanes so scary?
Because they are flying closed petri dishes of filth and sickness.

To recap:
On deck for next week are Chris Corrigan, Ralph Harbison, JHP, and some other guy
Hopefully they are at least able to get the diagnostic done today so I can know what is wrong with my car
That would be nice
What would be even nicer is to know it was a false alarm
So many questions this time around
I feel like a king!
The King of Questions…
All must bow before the King of Questions!
So it shall be written, So it shall be done!
Have a great weekend everyone