20 Questions Tuesday: 230 - New Years


Happy New Year to all of you on this wonderful day full of promise and expectations.  This year will be amazing and I am truly looking forward to seeing what it brings this way.  Zombie apocalypse?  Fingers Crossed!

The topic this week is, for lack of creativity, “The New Year.” Thanks go to Lsig, Lord Pithy, Dr JHP, Newbold, and Chris Corrigan.  Onto the questions!

1.  ”Dropping the ball” is both our tradition for ringing in a new year and an expression for screwing something up. Coincidence or deeply profound symbolism?
In this instance I do believe it is coincidence.

2.  What New Years Eve or New Years Day traditions so you have?
The fam doesn’t really have too many real traditions concerning the New Years time.  Other than making time for reflections and some for looking forward.  New Years is a time to avoid the present, it seems.

3.  Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them? Are You Going to Make any New Years Resolutions?  Will you keep them? Resolutions for the New Year?
Typically, if I do make resolutions, they are vague.  Last year’s resolution was to drink more water.  I did that.  This year will be to use lotion more often on my scratchy scratchy knuckles.

4.  Ever been to Times Square for NYE?
Nope, and I never want to.  Too many people, and I imagine a good proportion being dirty and smell heavily of cheap alcohol.  

5.  Any blog plans for 2013?
I would like to get more 20 Question Interviews going… anyone know anyone who wants to answer 20 near random questions?

6.    Predict what you believe will be the trigger for a 2013 doomsday cult.
That comet that is mentioned in Question 17.

7.  If you could pick a book that it will be announced will be made into a movie in 2013, what would it be?
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

8.  What was your favorite New year display (Times Square, Paris, Gahanna)?
Do I have to pick one?  I don’t really care that much about the celebration of New Years.

9.  Have you ever been tempted to stroll around town in a diaper and a sash a la Baby New Year?
Not even slightly.

10.  How many words can you make from the letters N-E-W-Y-E-A-R?
How many can I?  or how many can the Internet make out of it?  Me?  Let’s say 4.  The Internet? 58.

11.  Why do you not use your conference call time to solve world hunger, cold fusion, and the trouble with Highlander 3?
A little background.  During conference calls at work I draw… these…

(I color them at home, I am not an idiot, but they are not exciting conference calls)

I do not have the ability to solve world hunger or cold fusion.  One needs to solve Highlander 2, The Quickening, before tackling Highlander 3.

12.  If you could create a new year counting system what would you base year 1 on and why?
Year 1 would be this year and it would result in us being in the fourth b’ak’tun.  Mayans FTW’s.

13.  Any mathematical significance to 2013?
Not that I can ascertain… ask these dudes.

14.  Are the kids looking forward to the New Years Eve coverage on TV or just another night for them?
They were looking forward to drinking sparkling grape juice and eating heavy hors d’oeuvres with my mother-in-law.

15.  What one thing are you hoping to accomplish this year?
2/3rds done with this next Master’s Degree

16.  What was the best thing about 2012?
Tie between starting up the new degree and moving into the new house.

17.  There’s a really good chance a giant comet will light up the sky brighter than a full moon next year. Do you see doomsday bullshit re-surging  about that time?
Yup, see Question 6.

18.  What are your predictions for the MLS this season?
Hmmm… Let’s see.  The parity of the league will make a good bit of bunching in the middle.  I imagine that San Jose will be the real deal again.  RSL will be bottom third instead of near the top as usual.  KC will struggle this year.  LA and New York will be really strong.  Columbus and Vancouver will make the playoffs but sputter out pretty early.  TFC will struggle as usual, but they will be closer to .500.

19.  And what about the Columbus Vancouver rivalry?  We ought to have a name for it…the NothingInCommon Cup?  The “Enemy of my Enemy is My Friend” Cup?
The rivalry should be called the “Who Dislikes TFC Most Cup.”  And the winner of the cup gets TFC as their home opener (and closer?) the following year.

20.  I predict that the Whitecaps will be in the Champions League this year.  Will we see you there?
I could easily see the Whitecaps there, but Columbus, will not be massive this year.

To recap:
Christmas was great
That is why I did not post last week
If it had sucked, you would have heard
Well, read, not so much “heard”
Next week I have a 20 Questions with an amazingly talented video graphics guy
It will be awesome
It really is a fun read
Happy 2013 everyone
Lets collectively make this year an awesome one
Have a great weekend everyone